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n95 respirator mask

  1. Bought a case of 50 N95 surgical masks just before the virus hit. Have no problem profiteering off them if it comes to that.
  2. Just order one box.
  3. I searched for this brand on the net and the only place that shows up is in the original post.

    I've seen they have a 5 year shelf life. So is it possible the ones being sold have expired?

    Can one of the people who bought them confirm they are 'fresh'.
  4. The link says add to wish list so I'm assuming out of stock.
  5. Will do but mine has not shipped yet.
  6. I picked some up at a Home Depot this morning. Online, they showed out of stock in town, but showed in stock in a nearby town. Expect no stock or higher prices going forward.
  7. I still have about $500 worth of these left over from the Bird Flu hoax. Seriously.
  8. Mine came in today. They are individually wrapped with only a lot number. No date anywhere, but seem to be of good quality.
  9. I heard on talk radio that this is pretty much the only mask to get that actually works and hard to find. I will buy me a box JIC.
  10. I just ordered about 200 from sportsmansguide.com Due in tomorrow.
  11. The last known user never got Coronavirus so you know that they work.

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  12. ONLY those who are sick, should wear the masks, to keep from spreading (by breathing or coughing) to others!!!!! But the hands still touch everything.

    To put them on and make them work, you have to touch your face. If your hands and face are already contaminated, it won't work, because invariably you will contact the interior, and then breath from it- thus breathing through the contaminate, instead of fresh air that has lower concentrations of virus.

    While you are breathing through it, your breath is highly humid (mask material gets wet) and the exterior of the mask will remain contaminated if it contacts other contaminated air, or surfaces, so virus will concentrate (live) on the mask surface, and stay there much longer than a dry surface. You have to touch it to remove it, (and again to put it on: if you reuse it), it becomes the source.

    The Mask becomes the problem, not the solution.
  13. Wait, you mean all the doctors and nurses in hospitals and offices are actually the sick ones??!
  14. Hmmmmmm.

    A) What if you take the facemask out of the package by handling only the straps or elastic bands? Do you think you could do that without touching the facemask itself? And what if you never touch the facemask itself but bend at the waist to allow gravity to assist you to line up the facemask? And then lift the facemask to your face by handling only the straps or elastic bands to fasten/loop the facemask attachment(s) behind your ears/head? I know I can do this because that is how I do it ...

    B) Why would you invariably touch the interior of the facemask? For that matter, why would you touch the exterior of the face mask? (see A above)

    C) Facemasks with an exhalation valve are a viable option to help reduce the humidity levels inside the facemask. Swap out the facemask when it is no longer effective? Nothing lasts forever?

    D) Au contraire mon ami. (see A above and reverse the procedure for removal of the facemask)

  15. Right. So you wear gloves while you take the mask off and throw the gloves away with the mask. Or, you simply take the mask off and wash/sanitize your hands before touching your face. It's not rocket science.
  16. This is not TV or movies. Not so easy in reality. Most people do not know how to use these masks.

    Masks don't always fit when they come ot of the package- the nose bridge needs to adjusted, and the tenting of the mask sometimes needs to be shaped to fit the face-- often by sticking your fingers on the inside. If the hands are contaminated when you put them on/off, you are contaminating the interior or the exterior of the mask.

    Without testing and proper fitting (specific procedure to evaluate the seal), the mask can be too small or too large.

    If you wear glasses, or have beard or stubble, good luck with an air tight fit.

    When you move your head, the mask will shift, requiring re-adjustment (with your hands).

    Humidity builds up inside within a few minutes, depending on your level of activity, and eventually migrates to the filter material (a wet media prolongs and increases the infectability of whatever "germs" get onto that media surface- increasing the risk of touching that mask as time goes on), or else makes the mask unbearable, restrictive, so you fidget with it-- pulling at it. Many people touch their face 50 times an hour-- it will be worse with the mask because of false sense of security, and discomfort of the mask.
  17. Masks are like body armor, weapon mounted lights, helmets, and night vision-- you don't just buy one and assume you know how to use it, or wear it.

    BTW, I am a physician that works in the operating room, and need (and have used) PPE in certain circumstances (TB, respiratory fungi, comes to mind specifically). I understand sterile technique and procedure, and I can spot poor processes, and common contamination mistakes people make.

    The actual sick person wearing the mask makes much more sense:
    less material utilization/waste of resources-- one sick person with a mask vs 100 fearful people with masks.
    respiratory aerosolization of infective material is somewhat limited by that mask vs coughing into hands (that touches other things before being washed), or material not designed to filter droplets (elbow, clothing).
  18. The mask question?

    Does it prevent infection? The surgical masks on a sick person helps contain/catch the germs. But the gaps letting unfiltered air in on the sides makes it less effective.

    A proper N95 mask worn and removed properly can absolutely prevent airborne inflection.
    Go see what the quarantine areas of hospitals issue to immune compromised patients. It works.
  19. Well said. Before retiring I finished my career in Occupational Medicine. Most employees requiring the use of respirator masks are also required to undergo FIT testing. If it doesn't fit correctly it doesn't work correctly
  20. cciman - great posts; All an N95 is going to do is make people feel safe about going out and about.

    I'd love to walk around with an airhorn and blow it every time someone makes a contamination no-no, but I'd get arrested, and have to bring a lot of air horns...
  21. Just stay home.
  22. I do not think that is rated for protecting the user from disease, besides even if it is your eyes are still un-protected so you could get sick that way.
  23. Sir we do not use logic and reason here than is outlawed.
  24. While I do not disagree with that... It is easier said than done.

    How many days can you "stay home"
    - Food?
    - Meds?

    More importantly, how many days can you pay the mortgage staying home?
  25. Is that a skull and crossbones flag on that ship? :)
  26. I see what you did there. :)

    Fun fact: The USS Kidd is the only U.S. Navy ship authorized to fly the skull and bones.
  27. An N-95 mask filters out about 95% of environmental contaminants and internal pathogens. These N-95 masks are most effective when used in smog, dust allergies, and pandemics like COVID-19. There are different industrial grade varieties of N-95 masks available in the market like the Honeywell and the particulate respirator. For a more all-day comfortable fit, the BACOU-WILLSON 801 is a great choice. If you want to know then please visit our online store all over the world which is providing global delivery.
  28. Me personally, I'd ignore any expiration dates that might be on on such masks. (And figure most don't even have expiration dates.) I mean, if kept dry and out of sunlight, what could deteriorate?

    A medical expert might disagree, but this beggar can't be choosy, nowadays.
  29. I remember watching documentaries on Ebola and how they criticized the people for recycling their PPE. They shot back and explained that they didn’t have replacement PPE and did they want them to go in there with no PPE at all?
    The fit test. It’s not big a deal on an N95 mask as opposed to a gas mask. There are less adjustments on the full face respirator for the seal. And a self fit test is easy enough.

    Where most people go wrong is in the removal of the mask and PPE. Even when donning-the gear, it’s easy to seal one’s self up but making it possible to remove without contamination is the hard part especially with taping the parts of the PPE. At least a virus decontamination is easier to do than a chemical/radiological decontamination.
  30. I wondered about the same thing. So I did a quick Google search.

    Apparently the main reason for the expiration date is that over time the elastic straps can begin to deteriorate or fail.

    So I bought a fresh box of rubber bands. I already had a box of staples on hand.


  31. OK.
    1. I know how to properly use a 95 mask. Of course, I am not going to be putting it on, taking it off, cleaning it and the similar b.s.
    2. I have the masks and keep one in the car because of the rule that I cannot go into a store without one.
    I got to thinking. I take two walks a day. I wear a knock off of a Rhodesian Army hat with flaps in a neutral color so as not to offend the snow flakes. I looked on line and this is what I found.
    Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava Ski Mask, Wind-Resistant Face Gray Imagine! A hinged ski mask. Can qualify as being politically correct when I walk into a store and some goon at the door is making sure I wear a mask. I can put the hat portion up as I take a daily walk. In the winter, I also now have my ski mask.

    Did not want a wool unit. Want a washable unit. The company makes a number of variations in different materials.
  32. I never thought I would see the day where people are essentially wearing a tshirt over their face and consider themselves protected against things .01-.05 microns.
  33. IMHO, that is NOT the line of thinking for most reasonably intelligent people.

    Most reasonably intelligent people understand that a T-shirt does not protect them (or others) from particles in the range of 0.01 to 0.05 microns.

    What they DO understand is that a T-shirt face covering might serve a purpose to protect them (or others) from droplets or spittle produced from coughs and sneezes which are of course much greater in size than 0.01 to 0.05 microns.

    In other words, everyone can not (and should not) be expected to wear N-95 (or better) respirator masks - but a mask made of fabric such as a T-shirt, bandanna, towel, etc. is better than wearing nothing.

  34. yeah... that's a mantra for the ages. eh, its better than nothing.
  35. Yep!

    Until N-95 masks are available in sufficient quantities to outfit or supply to all of our first responders, nurses, physicians, other health care workers, medical examiners and funeral workers, grocery store workers and other food handlers, delivery workers, transportation workers, utility workers and other public works employees, fuel delivery workers, warehousing and online order workers, active duty military service members, and countless others that I can't think of at the moment . . . then N-95 masks should NOT be worn by the general public.

    I dare say that N-95 masks might never be appropriate for the general public and masks of a lesser filtration rate to contain droplets and spittle might be all that is ever recommended.

    It is better than nothing.

  36. Why not let "the general public" all wear N-95 masks so no one got sick and need to go to hospital, so "our first responders, nurses, physicians, other health care workers, medical examiners and funeral workers, grocery store workers and other food handlers, delivery workers, transportation workers, utility workers and other public works employees, fuel delivery workers, warehousing and online order workers, active duty military service members, and countless others that you can't think of at the moment" don't need to wear masks to protect them self from the general public.
  37. Well there is a woman former executive editor of the New York Times that carries a plastic doll of Mr. Obama in her purse to ward off the bad Republicans.
    David Rutz - March 10, 2018 2:45 PM

    Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson revealed in a column last week that she carries a plastic Barack Obama doll in her purse as a way to comfort herself in the Donald Trump era.
  38. I addressed this already in my post above but since you asked so nicely I will repeat it here:

    "Until N-95 masks are available in sufficient quantities to outfit or supply to all of our first responders, nurses, physicians, other health care workers, medical examiners and funeral workers, grocery store workers and other food handlers, delivery workers, transportation workers, utility workers and other public works employees, fuel delivery workers, warehousing and online order workers, active duty military service members, and countless others that I can't think of at the moment . . . then N-95 masks should NOT be worn by the general public."

    In other words, since there is currently a shortage of N-95 masks, any-and-all of the available N-95 masks should be reserved for use by the aforementioned user groups.

    Only after the availability of N-95 masks rises to a level that the quantity is sufficient enough to be used by other groups of people in ADDITION TO the main group of users should they be worn by the general public.

    Even then they should STILL be restricted to be worn only IF and WHEN they have been properly fit-tested and the wearer has been trained to perform a proper fit-check. And more importantly, a N-95 face mask should be worn only If and WHEN the mask will be donned, worn, doffed and disposed of properly. Otherwise the wearing of N-95 masks by an untrained/unqualified population is both a waste of a valuable resource and not much benefit due to possible air-leakage/infiltration and/or contamination of the mask surface.

    Not to mention that there will always be a segment of the general public that should NEVER wear a N-95 face mask (i.e. People with chronic respiratory, cardiac, or other medical conditions that make breathing difficult, people with COPD, asthma, certain allergies, existing lung disease, excessive facial hair, etc.).


    Edited to add: I almost forgot to mention that the first responders (et al) are wearing N-95 face masks for two reasons: 1) to protect themselves from the general public and 2) to protect the general public from them. Among the reasons for this is that it is possible to be infected with Covid-19 (and be a carrier) and not have any symptoms.

    Therefore, until there is a viable treatment or vaccine, the Best Practice will be for the first responders (et al) to continue to wear N-95 face masks regardless of whether or not the general public is wearing a face mask (of any type).
  39. Now we’re getting N-100’s had to go to cardiologist last week made them wash hands & alcohol on the stethoscope. My personal masks are N100 filter changed when damp and UV-c light used to sanitize. We have to use the reusable bags for groceries anyway since it a .10 per bag addition-the cans are washed before use and bags are soap and watered after every trip hung to drip dry in the sun then put in a zipper bag in the car. Had to do that for several years local ordinance. I’m on prednisone and blood pressure med they both suppress immune system so mask up during pollen season in any event, ton of black mold this time of year at the beach anyway.
  40. People locally are paying $10 each for a procedure mask. People don’t realize masks need to be properly fitted. My bank wouldn’t allow me in today due to a fever they’re using a harbor freight laser thermometer. If my temp was the 134degrees it showed I think probably be dead. Was running a temp but I’d just had my hepatitis B series final & vaccine reaction
  41. Just as a point of fact. If the N-95 mask has an exhalation valve on it, it does not protect the non-wearer. Only the wearer.

    A fit test and training for the N-95 is a joke. It’s that fast that a video tape could teach it in a few minutes. A public service message could do it.
    Frankly, it’s easy to protect one self from compared to other Agents .
  42. N95s maybe but not surgical masks.
  43. They are selling procedure masks as N95. ALL FROM CHINA. Convience store selling them last night when I stopped for gas $6.99 each.
  44. Sons not allowed to wear a Tyvek suit so he was covered in bed bugs. Certified N-95 & N-100 masks are prohibited. Both of us have already barely survived this virus and it’s making a come round 120 new cases reported Saturday thru 5pm today. We have people on top of each other from the so called ground zero state, coughing and sneezing throughout stores. I Have never seen a state that was proud of being backwards and 50 years behind even 3rd world countries. The business owners are upset because they cannot get foreign exchange students. People are having to be paid a decent wage
  45. The valve mask is too protect yourself. They are reusing basically dust masks. We built a zip wall to strip I’m more worried about bedbugs than viruses. But if you’re on immune suppressant drugs why would a business refuse proper protection?
    If he gets sick my lawyer is salivating at the thought of suing. The company has been fined by state and federal OSHA multiple times.
    Truthfully as soon as the lawsuit against the stoned bugger that hit me I’ve made arrangements for a motor home and a decent paying job for the kid.
  46. We have had first responders issued 3 each. It was found they were keeping one and giving family members the others. My masks are Avon’s that I personally purchased rather than the crap they issued us. BTW NY etc... may not have had enough but as a medical and PD 1st responder we had more than enough except the government @ state level wanted them held back for “important people “ I.e. the politicians
  47. Well, in the last week, the illegals have started selling homemade cloth masks for $5 each all over Los Angeles.

    Now we know that "the mask" has come to the status of acceptable in the American culture.

    I started thinking. I walk every day and wear a clone of the Rhodesian Army hat to protect the head and ears from basal cell cancer. However, it gets a bit cold in the winter. Conversely, if I wear a ski mask, I might get too hot. So, I found a hinged ski mask that allows the head covering to be retracted and is not made of wool N-Ferno 6823. There are different models with different materials.
  48. MASK Fit testing and training is NOT a joke-- it serves a purpose for the user to know that the mask that they wear actually functions correctly--- otherwise, you are just assuming that the mask is adequate when it is not any better than a non-N95.

    You put on a mask and they put your head inside a compartment, and spritz the inside with a chemical irritant-- ask you to move your head around, breath, and sniff...if you can't smell or taste the chemical, that mask size, design, and model passes-- that type mask is now KNOWN to work for you.

    There are many designs, sizes, and models of N95 masks, and many human facial features. The fit test determines whether the mask fits your face, -- if you can smell or taste the indicator chemical- that mask does "not fit", you test the next model/brand until you find one that passes on your face. There are people I know where none of the masks pass.

    Exhalation valves on fabric masks (non-respirator designs) do defeat the purpose of general public mask use-- because you are blowing your cooties into the surroundings. BTW, those fancy looking white masks with valves, may not be better than simple N95s--- I've tested a few and they did not work for me, leaked like a seave, total FAIL, compared to soft masks without valves.