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N.E. Snow Storm

  1. I get that the real issue is the wind that took down power lines and left a lot of people out of power, but I find it truly sad that people have supposedly died due to 3' of snow. I also find it odd that areas in the North East aren't prepared and used to snow storms.

    3' is nothing for many places in this country. Hell, the winter before I moved from S.W. Michigan to NoVa, 3' of fresh snow happened several times.

    Well, good luck to ya'll diggin your way out.
  2. 3 feet is a lot of snow, for a single storm, by my standards.

    That's the max amount I've ever seen from 1 storm, and typically happens about once every 5 years.

    Most I've ever had on the ground is 4 feet.

    But aside from the height, probably more important is how heavy it is, and how hard the wind was blowing. I don't live on the coast, but I think the wind gusts there were up to 70 mph.

    No idea of what deaths, if any, occured, or how.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  3. Where is there 3' of snow? Most in MA was 34" and only localized mi thought the same for CT and we got,the worst of it.

    Even 2' is a killer. But be smart. Have alternatives. Prepare instead of racing to WalMart for bread and milk. :upeyes:

    I put in a wood stove 4-5 years ago for exactly this. I haven't run it in 2 years because it hasn't been cold enough. But if it was. . . I'd be ready.

    My biggest tragedy? My 20 yr old snowblower has a choke problem. It slips open over time. Running like DS. Come mid-March, I'll bring it in for service. I have no idea how to adjust it so ill spend $50 for the 3rd time in 4 years to get it gone over.

    Good news - it's 20 years old and still works fine. :)
  4. I got tha beat - I had 5' of snow on the ground 2 winters ago. Snowed the day after Christmas 2010 and kept on snowing and freezing for 6 weeks. I thought I was in Maine.

    • The 1st death casualty was a 70-something year old Poughkeepsie, NY man who was run over by a 18yr old (inexperienced driver). They attribute his death to the weather because the roads were "slick".

    • A 49 yr old man died while shoveling out his car (assumption here is his ticker stopped ticking)

    • A 12 yr old kid died from CO2 poisoning

    • In Ontario, Canada, a 80yr old woman died while shoveling snow; a 49 yr old man died subsequent to injuries received from a car accident.
    I think even with 4 winters of little snow, Torontonians know a little bit about snow. Even so, a bus carrying 38 passengers veered off the road, and there were a reported 350+ collisions.

    Rest assured, we see thru your bias and air of superiority.
  5. I have some question as to how much a death in a traffic crash can be directly attributed to a snow storm. My guess is that even when there is only a couple inches of snow there is an increase in traffic crashes; sometimes there is an increase in traffic crashes here when it rains, whether the rain is a newsworthy event or not. And I suspect that even when there is not enough snow for it to be a nationwide news event, sometimes people have heart attackes while shoveling snow.

    What I read earlier suggested that a child died of carbon monoxide poisoning was in a car which was running and the high level of snow prevented the exhaust from being sufficiently vented away from the car. Clearly less snow would have solved that problem, but I believe I have read more than once to keep the exhaust clear when a car is running deep in snow. Although my take from the article was that the child was keeping warm while the Dad was shoveling but the item did not suggest they were trapped or stranded.
  6. Deaths increase from just daily rain showers. Slick roads will always = more accidents.

    The media just needs to hype up the event to get more viewers monitoring it, so they make it sound more deadly and disastrous than it actually is.

    That is why they attach crazy/stupid labels to them like "Superstorm" Sandy. Was it a bad storm, yes...'superstorm' no....it is just a hurricane that happened to hit a very populated area.
    Was this a bad blizzard, yes....end of the world, no.
  7. I remember one winter back around 1980 we had 220 inches on the ground in Caribou Maine. :cold:

    I still went to work every day.

    Comrade Happyguy :)
  8. Right friggin here!

  9. Seeing how that area all voted for the current President maybe he will save the day for them and melt the snow and bring on the sun!

    Yeah I'm stil bitter. :whistling:
  10. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6zaVYWLTkU"]Bread & Milk - YouTube[/ame]
  11. That's like, what, 2 meters? :)

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  12. :rofl: :wavey:

    Comrade Happyguy :)

  13. I fixed it for ya'!!:supergrin:

    Guess we got some good drifts on the road back home, but the guy down at the end of my road who is watching my house has a plow truck, a Kubota tractor with a snowblower, a bulldozer and an excavator in his arsenal of snow removal stuff....so think he can deal with it......:supergrin:

    Just checked my answering machine, so power is on back at the ranch.
  14. Hamden , CT got 40"

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  15. Weren't Obama. House Republicans blocked funding to fix up after Sandy - how many got hammered with snow that were still messed up from Sandy? Let them build igloos....
  16. Friday - 18" of snow
    Saturday - highs in the teens
    Sunday - 34 out, 50 on my porch with some solar help
    Monday - almost 50 and rain.

    Weird weekend!