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Mystery 911 Outages Reported in Multiple States

  1. The Russians.
  2. All I know is that it's collusion. Some sort of collusion!
  3. I don’t call 911.

    I’m a man.
    If I have a problem I will either

    1. Fix it.
    2. Ignore it.
    3. Shoot it.

    No need to hear some pantywaist on the phone telling me to remain calm.
  4. BLM getting ready to strike, they've taken down the 911 system in advance.

    If you can't dial 911.....call up .357
  5. Aliens, let the invasion begin.

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  6. I think many departments would be using the same software and maybe they got hacked.
  7. BLM are commies, not suicidal. It’s the popo that keeps them from getting lit up.
  8. My advice is to load your 308 ar's and use them in any need.
  9. Cool story, bro....

    Let us know how that works out for you when you or someone you love is having a heart attack or a stroke, or your house is on fire, or you get in a car crash....
  10. Computer hack of Florida's sheriffs phones all lines were dead .
  11. Doubt it. We have departments within minutes of each other who cant talk to one anther in some parts of the country....

    It possible that some bean counter at city hall all bought some knock of Chicom software like Zoom and it crashed...
  12. Where?
  13. That’s what I am hearing.
  14. The Y2K bug for 911? Why not? What else can go wrong in 2020?
  15. It's all Trump's fault, that's what the democrats say.
  16. Actually, i was asking KWO, who said that Florida Sheriff's phones got hacked, but due to soke GT posting wierdness his initial post didn't show up in my reply...

    KWO, where in Florida is this supposedly happening?
  17. No 911 For about 3-4 hours , got a automated call that the system is back up just now.
  18. Microsoft employees on the warpath...
  19. Az included per Fox report. Humm... not like I'm gonna call it to test status just now LOL!
    <checks Colt .38; G19 2nd Gen, G26>

    Not super concerned -- cept for medical emergencies of ancient neighbors....
  20. "We're sorry but the number you have dialed is no longer in service. Please hang up and dial the operator."

    ... anybody here got a phone with a dial on it...?

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  21. I better go check on the neighbors.

    I don’t want to bother them so I will just peek in their windows....
  22. If they use same software then the likelihood is they all got a Software Update. Most likely issue.
  23. Earlier tonight (8-9 pm) I tried to talk to my buddy who lives in Ft. Walton Beach, FL (I'm in GA). We got less than a minute of connection before the lines went dead. We redialed/reconnected about 7-8 different times; but the same thing happened each time. Finally, we just gave it up....never could stay connected long enough for a conversation. We've never had this situation happen before during the five years since he moved to Florida.
  24. Interesting, the effected states are all purple states, imagine that..............
  25. Your constant caring and concern for your fellow man (and of course wimmins too) never ceases to amaze me. Just don't get to close to the window or your breath may steam it up. Not that I....um..... know from personal experience.
  26. ... CCP letting everyone know just how deeply they have penetrated the infrastructure of the U.S. and are just playing with you... ;);)
  27. Oh darn, Microsoft strikes again with a forced update! LOL
  28. The alert for AZ was for Cochise county, not exactly a major metropolitan hotspot.
  29. I don’t see the police doing anything due to the Mayors listening to their communist governors.

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  30. Are the webcams down?
  31. Is this an attempt to rapidly escalate "defunding" police, or, at least being able to call them??
  32. It is all connected to Microsoft. My agency went through an email outage. Thankfully that is the only product we use that relies on their infrastructure.
  33. Won’t you be my neighbor?
  34. 7 Days in May. ECOMCON (Emergency COMmunications CONtrol) will seize control of the country's telephone, radio, and television networks. NSA testing....
  35. I *did* have a problem with this this weekend. Microsoft forced an Edge update on a Win7 system (with updates disabled) and in the process broke scheduled tasks. That kept newly manufactured cellular radio MEIDs from being uploaded to the appropriate carriers...
  36. Well, at least Karen can't call the cops to report someone 'stole' her parking space at Walmart, just before she got to it.
  37. The phone outage in Florida was last month in Levy Co . I think Face Book is doing it .
  38. Not all the AFFECTED states are.
  39. Wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be the case. SO SICK of MicroSnot force feeding their "UpDatEs" to machine they do not own, often killing the machine and/or data and/or programs in the process. :fist:
    I kinda hope it turns out to be MicroSnot's doing -- perfect opportunity for that We Own The World! entity to fall under extreme scrutiny by the feds -- time for some anti-trust anti-monopoly action on M$'s arse.

  40. Yeahbut, not every coincidence is an actual conspiracy -- nor does coincidence equal causality.
  42. Is that Bill Gates selling his population control?
  43. Are we splitting hairs? Good chance they could be all red come November............

  44. View: https://youtu.be/iN-aXzpQUdw
  45. He went to one extreme, you went to the other. You knew he wasn't referring to those you listed.
    I figured he was being facetious anyways.
    I'm just having fun. No offense meant,
  46. Actually, I think he was serious;

    And as far as,"extremes" go, the 3 things circumstances I listed are 3 of the most common 911 calls....
  47. They have been defunded......canceled....