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Mysterious FTE's on new G20

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by Bubbba, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Bubbba


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    Apr 14, 2010
    I recently bought a new G20 SF

    A local shop was selling 1F FC 10mm brass, so i bought some along with a bunch of 200gr TMJ bullets. Loaded up some ammo and went to try out the pistol.

    Ammo was :
    CCI 300 Primers, 1F FC brass, 9.0gr Blue Dot, 200gr TMJ bullet, 1.260 OAL.

    The gun fails to eject every 10-15 rounds or so. Sometimes the empty casings get stuck in the ejection port somewhere, sometimes half way in the chamber. Gun is 100% stock.

    I then tried another load - 175gr TMJ bullet and 9.6gr blue dot. Same problem...

    Now comes the strange thing:
    About 1 in 25 cases comes out looking like this:

    I have no idea why the cases split like that. 9.0 gr Blue Dot /w 200 gr TMJ is nowhere near the pressure levels to split cases. Could it be bad brass?

    The primers also look a little weird. Not flat, but the square mark around the firing pin hole seems to suggest that the primer is pushing itself into the firing pin channel. This should only happen at extreme pressure levels, which is not the case.
    Here are a couple of pics:

    As for the FTE's, most of you will probably suggest that im limpwristing. This is NOT the case. Ammo, although not hot, should be powerful enough to eject the case properly. (starting load for 200gr TMJ is 8.0 Blue Dot in my manual)

    I suppose i could buy some factory ammo ($80/box around here) and see if the problem goes away. This would suggest that the problem is with my reloads, but i just dont understand what it could be with my reloads that would cause these FTE's.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!