my trip to korea-assorted screw ups

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    when i went to korea in 1960, i had the damnedest series of screw ups, all of which worked to my advantage. i was in oakland, waiting for for the ship to sail, away from oakland, and off to some exotic port. in this case the exotic port was inchon, korea. the day we were due to sail, they discovered they didn't have a troop commander on the ship. they had a colonel, with my first and last name, and to save someone some paperwork, they had the two of us trade places. i met that colonel in the bus park as he was going to the ship, and i leaving to go travis AFB. god i'm glad i wasn't in his outfit in korea, cause he was ticked.

    at travis AFB they loaded us onto a super constellation, the prettiest passenger plane ever built. it belonged to SLICK airlines. we sat there, waiting for smiling jack to come aboard. any of you older guys remember smiling jack? eventually we got airborne, and about two thirds of the way to oahu, one of the engines caught fire, big time. the extinguishers worked, so they put it out and flew on to honolulu international, cause it was a charter, so no hickham field. not another plane on the island, so while they repaired ours, they put us up in the moana hotel, right on the beach. rented cars, roast pig out of the sand. poi, yuch.
    once that was sorted out, we were on to wake, for refuel, and on to yokohama, where a guy told me to get on that bus, so i did.

    did it again. instead of going to the repo depot, it took me to the R&R barracks in downtown yokohama. when they finally found me, after three days, they put me on a C-124 for kimpo AFB, outside seoul. it happened again. in that C-124 was the crew, the mail bag on the loading, one other passenger and me. boy, talk about a flying barn.

    we went ot first cav div, headquarters company. they stood about fifteen hundred of us in a open field, and started calling off duty assignments. they got worse and worse, down to combat engineers and beyond. finally got down to four of us. we figure the only thing leftwas key keeper to the gates of hell. after calling our names, he announced, HEADQUARTERS COMPANY, POSTAL DIVISION. no guard, no cq, no nada, except sell money orders, and drive the air mail truck to kimpo. i was there six months before i knew what a pass looked like. when asked for a pass, i would tell the mp i don't have one, but i do have my mail card. well, take it easy. in korea, you don't hassle your mail man. really cool trip.
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    I enjoyed that story. Thanks for sharing.