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    It seems that the exotic pet thread died awhile ago so I thought I'd make a new post of my two evil little pets.

    Azrael & Gizmo

    They may be cute but these things are expensive($230 each plus $160 for a flight cage plus $100 for toys etc), hard to take care of, need a strict diet that is a pita, need constant attention, and are not really loving pets even after they've bonded with you. Bonding consists of constant attention like carrying them around in a little pouch all day while they sleep and trying to get them to like you at night. This can take from several months to a year to bond with them. And once they're bonded to you there really isn't any love shared, they don't cuddle or really like you to pet them. The best it gets is that they sleep inside your shirt during the day and run on you like your a tree at night. Oh and the "crabbing" noise they made when they're annoyed is like a dentist's drill. Did I mention that they live for up to 15yrs?

    But would I trade em for the world? Never.

    Anyone who's GF tries to con you into getting one(like me :sad:) please check here first: