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My Son Is Being Indoctrinated.

  1. At dinner last night, our 14 year old son told us that his teacher has been giving the class anti-Republican speeches in her Indian Education class.

    Some of the things she says are, "republicans want you to pay for your school, Romney will only take care of the rich and he hates poor people, Etc, etc."

    My son told us this was an epic rant by her, and its not the first time either. I asked him she had any good things to say about republicans, such as Reagan, and he said no. She is pro-Obama and appears to be influencing the kids.

    Now, this teacher had been there a long time, and she's a bit of a weirdo anyhow, IMO. She had complained about my son's behavior a few times this year, stuff like talking in class, inattentiveness, etc.

    My son also told me that the black kid in the class wears his "yes we can" Obama shirt and is her class pet.

    So, I have a plan now. I am ordering him a Reagan and Ron Paul shirts to wear to school. I am also going to write a letter to the paper.

    I am a bit stunned, but I'm also a bit pissed that my tax dollars are supporting a propagandist in my public school. This is unacceptable, and I'm no going to take this lying down.
  2. Good luck to your son my friend:thumbsup:
  3. Have you reported the teacher?
  4. I didn't find out until 9pm last night.

    I have a couple of friends on the school board.
  5. The idead to get your son the Reagan & Ron Paul T-Shirts to wear to school is brilliant. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the class room when the teacher sees your son wearing one of them.

    Would you consider putting some sort of recording device in your son's back-pack? You may catch the teacher going off on another rant concerning his t-shirt, at which point your son could point out that the another student wears his B.O. shirt all the time....then see how she reacts to being called out for being two faced.

    Actually, the best idea would be for your son to keep one of the t-shirts you buy him in his back pack, and change into it in the bathroom on the same day he sees his class mate wearing his B.O. t-shirt. That way, the teacher could not spout-off about such types of t-shirts not being allowed in the classroom.

    Of course, your son may become the focus of the teacher's ire, and suffer some negative repercussions in the class-room.
  6. Very interesting...Of course, I'm sure the IRS would come-a-calling.
  7. forget reporting her. if she's a tenured teacher she's impossible to get rid of.

    rig him up with a hidden camera or audio recording device, a reagan, paul or obama sucks t-shirt (like m&p15t said) but forget the school district, post the results on youtube.
  8. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEt5dEOcW0I"]Uncle Buck (8/10) Movie CLIP - Moley Russel's Wart (1989) HD - YouTube[/ame]
  9. As I was reading I was going to suggest sending him in an NRA shirt :)

    I'm really surprised they don't have uniforms though. All the schools around here you have to wear khakis and a polo with colors revolving around the school's mascot.
  10. I have a voice activated mini recorder. Hell, I may send the results to Mark Levin, Hannity or Rush.

    Keep the ideas coming!
  11. Counter Indoctrinate that crap!

  12. You know, it's truly sad when posting something like this on YouTube is the only way to bring public pressure on this tenured teacher, the only way to effect any possible change.
  13. While I like the idea you might be bringing all hell down on your son causing him embarrassment and discomfort that he is not prepared for. The idea of writing to the paper and a YouTube video could do a great deal more without causing your son the unnecessary problems. Remember he is the one that has to sit there and take all the crap not you. Ask him if any the other kids are uncomfortable with this teacher's talk and maybe approach their parents.
  14. First: what the hell is "Indian Education"?

    Second: be straightforward and talk to administration or the school board. Don't make your kid fight YOUR political battles in school and do not be one of those hidden camera weasels either.

    Third: they are all being indoctrinated at some level, until the universities stop cranking out brainwashed teachers it is not getting any better.

    Hell, I',m 41 and I was taught in high school and college that Reagan was the devil. Being idealistic and somehwat liberal when you are young is part of the natural cycle of things, as foreign as that seems to most here.

  15. agreed.

  16. PLEASE remember to check the legalities of recording someone without their permission, before wiring up your son.....

    Also, keep in mind what some have said. Your son is the one who will bear the brunt of her wrath if he gets under her radar for speaking his mind, or wearing apparel that attacks her religion.

    And for some of the ones with the most Kool-Aid in their gut, Obama Bin Lyin IS their God.....

  17. Craps, Roullette, BlackJack and free alcohol. At least where I live in South Florida. The Indians have the concession and every one of them drive pimped out Hummers and Escalades and wear Rolex's. More power to them I say. ;)
  18. Food for thought;

    I'm 42, and not one political word was ever uttered in any of my classes, be it H.S. or College. No indoctrination, nothing. While I agree that being you and idealistic can lean one towards being liberal, that doesn't mean that what this teacher is doing should be accepted as part of the "natural cycle".

    This teacher NEEDs to be taught the lesson that her class room is a place of learning for young minds, NOT a place to indoctrinate them.

    Know how we make a start to end the liberal idiots that most colleges are putting out? Start with the H.S. teachers that do the same thing, start by outting them on YouTube and such. Create public out-cry within the community.

    Just because it happened to you, doesn't mean others need to accept it.
  19. I agree 100%

    I think there's a possibility the young man is already on the teacher's radar, if he doesn't overtly agree with and support the crapola she spouts in class.
  20. He probably is. Even if he has not spoken his mind in class. The t-shirt thing the OP is thinking about and that some seem to endorse, is SURE to get him locked up on her HUD, if he ain't already.
  21. Ask for a parent-teacher conference and ask if she minds if you record it. I wouldn't directly involve the child.
  22. It's a hell of a pickle for the OP to be in.

    On one hand, it would be positive to make an example of this teacher, even if the only out-come is that she learns to keep her political views to herself and stick to teaching.

    On the other hand, his son becoming a blazing red dot on his teacher's radar is also a concern.

    Maybe the OP could have a discussion with his son, open and frank about the situation, attemepting to make sure he understands the different possible positive and negative outcomes, and get his ideas on the situation.

    That way, if the son wants nothing to do with it, fine, the OP could handle it his own way without involving his son. On the other hand, if his son is mature enough to truly understand the situation and the possible consequences, he may be ready and willing to start his conservative political career early.

    Hell, the OP's son may end-up being a hero in the class room & school with other students that are sick and tired of hearing this teacher's crapola. There's probably even some faculty that know what this teacher is doing, and aren't going to get involved in the situation for their own personal reasons, but that may support him if he chooses to actively engage this teacher and her hypocrisy.
  23. Here's a simple suggestion: talk to the teacher and ask her what she's said and if she thinks it's appropriate.

    The dumb stuff like hidden cameras and T-shirts designed to provoke will only cause further problems. It's your kid who'll bear the brunt of them, not you. Do the adult thing and have a calm discussion. Choose your words carefully because of you mention indoctrination you'll look silly. Different opinions do not equal indoctrination and propaganda.
  24. Sounds like the things the OP was told by his son are a little beyond her having an "opinion".

    BTW, "opinions" belong in the letters column of the newspaper, not pushed down other peoples' kids' throats like is being done here, from what is being reported to us.

    She can eat the peanuts out of Obama bin Lyin's poo, if that thrills her and makes her day. But her JOB is to TEACH, not to cram her OPINIONS into supple and impressionable minds.
  25. 1) you are just now figuring this out? This is the nature of public school.

    2) homeschool or a screened private school.

  26. Yep

  27. Good thing I do not have kids. I would not put up with such crap at all.

    My friend's daughter said one of their young female liberal teachers told the class the 2nd Amendment was so the military could have guns. Not only is the teacher wrong but she is too stupid to be a teacher.

    I asked the girl (she has been shooting for years) if she corrected the teacher. She said you can't because the teacher will bring down your grades (the girl is a A+ student).:steamed:
  28. At 14 children should be able to distinguish between a fact and an opinion. It's perfectly valid for teachers of young adults to share their own opinions; it's not acceptable for them to penalize a student for disagreeing. Most of the social sciences require people to express opinions and that includes the teacher.

    The few comments paraphrased fall far short of a rant. Was it a few short comments? Some 5 minute lectures? That's why the OP needs to speak to the teacher and find out what was said, in what context and how much teaching time was spent on personal views. Were the comments relevant to the subject matter? How were differing opinions treated? Depending on the answers, this could be a non-issue.
  29. Start here. Going to the paper with hearsay from your son could set you up for a very painful (and expensive) lesson in libel. HH
  30. Go down and report her to the Principal, then call your county Superintendent and make sure that the State Superintendent & the State Board of Education is aware of the issue as well.

    If that doesn't work, then go to your County Commissioner's office.

    These guys need to know that this stupid democrat Teacher is wrong. Everyone knows that the self proclaimed anti-gun Progressive Mitt Romney will run things the same as Obama! What is wrong with these educators?
  31. I thought school was considered a public place? A class with multiple students shouldn't be any different than a street corner. Why would that be an issue?
  32. When the opinions are given by a teacher in a public school setting, yes they do equal that.

    Her opinions about politics have no place in the class room.
  33. Sounds like they are learning from the current White House administration.
  34. Uh, not it is NOT okay for a teacher to waste the kids' time or the parents' tax money by doing ANYTHING other than teaching the kids what they are supposed to learn under the curriculum.

    And, if she is showing preferential treatment to one student, maybe the school board needs to be informed of that fact so they can make sure she is not doing something inappropriate with that child, or other children under her care.
  35. This could be an issue because there are states where recording someone without their knowledge and consent is classed as WIRETAPPING or another FELONY
  36. I like the Paul and Regan shirt ideas. That combined with a little talk with administration should get her to at least shut it up. And I wouldn't listen to those who think this is going to stress your kid out or make school harder for him. He will probably have fun with it, I know I did when I was 14. I don't think I wore anything but NRA shirts in the 7th grade after one of my teachers tried to give me a "dress code violation".
  37. People like the teacher who know how to exploit and work a system...like a teacher's union...require a different game plan. You have to use their system against them. To get anywhere you are going to have to follow protocol and report her offensive behavior up her chain of command, and make sure you can identify and articulate exactly what she has done that is out of bounds.

    Sending your kid to school in a Reagan or Paul shirt will only serve as a warning shot and allow her to organize her defense and identify her enemy. Same goes for making an end run around the system and going to the press. You need to legally gather proof of your allegations (make sure recording is legal), then present your claim of misconduct to the principal. When it is refuted and denied, escalate it to the administration and include some proof, when that is denied and argued as an "isolated incident" or something taken out of context elevate it to the school board and include all the proof.
    With these types it is not enough to have one picture with their hand in the cookie jar,you have to show the whole movie. If you can gather enough irrefutable evidence however you can get them to turn on each other...they hate to, but they will sacrifice their own if enough pressure is applied.
  38. Still say the school board needs to be informed of the preferential treatment to a student. Could be an indicator of inappropriate conduct and abuse of the student.....

  39. Unfortunately my son was indoctrinated by the schools early on and bought it hook line and sinker. I could not repair the damage.
  40. Well, if you send your kid to government schools, what do you really expect?

    I do like the idea of the Ron Paul t-shirt. But, government schools are social engineering camps.
  41. Go to the School Board and tell them about your discussion with your Son.
    I would feel free to record any lecture in a classroom enviroment, where the tape goes from there is entirely based upon what was said. If an inapropriate discussion was lead by an adult Teacher I would have no issue taking it to the School Board.
    You can take control of your kids education, just be a hardhead about it and dont back down.

    Most folks are pretty liberal when they are young and conservative after they see how much of their money goes to paying for other peoples pleasures.
    Relax, just get him a copy of Atlas Shrugged to read this sumnmer and make him cut some lawns for spare change.
  42. Even here in Small Town Montana we have mostly lefty teachers, some of them being very opinionated and preachy.

    My boys get a pretty good education at home, and would just argue the points right back at the teachers. Usually, the teachers when challenged on these points have no answer.

    My youngest is graduating this year so that nonsense is over for me.
  43. This^^^

    Private school, home school, or no school.
  44. This is a good time for your son to learn how to deal with IIC (Idiots In Charge)

    IIC can occur in the priavte sector, public sector and academy. A person who is planning on succeeding in life has to learn how to deal with them. Jay-Z said: "A wise man said don't argue with fools; cause people from a distance can't tell who is who". This little little nugget of wisdom is especially helpful when dealing with IIC.

    Tell the teacher what she wants to hear. If she says America sucks say "heck ya it does" If she says communism rocks say "whatever you say comrad". Seriously, who gives a ****? Tell your son to smile and nob and keep his eyes on prize. At his age he can do anything he wants, but that teacher is going to die standing in front of a room full of kids (most of them either asleep or high) who think of her as somewhere between a benign prison warden and a partically non-fun babysitter.

    In short: your son needs to learn to tell the IIC whatever the IIC wants to hear, all the while figuring out how he can leverage the IIC to improve his own standing in life. In this case, he can get the teacher to give him an A which boosts his GPA, etc.

    There's no use arguing with this person. You can't "win" anything.
  45. No Sir, request a meeting with the principal and the teacher. Tell them in the meeting it is not the teachers job to spew her political opinion. If the teacher wants to cover both sides of an issue thats fine. Tell them straight up there better not be any retaliation or there is going to be big trouble.
  46. The only "government schools" I'm aware of are the service academies. I don't think a 14 year old is old enough for Annapolis or West Point, etc. HH
  47. I'm going to chime in with those who implore you to not make your son the signpost for your protest. Liberals are totally lacking in honor and his teacher will make your son's life impossible. Leave it alone for his sake.

    It's just the way it is. Your boy needs to learn that there are liberals and cockaroaches all through life. It's not always wise to be confrontational.
  48. I am the father of a 14 year old as well. Mine gets a healthy dose of God, Guns, Family, Duty, Responsibilty, and so on. When she was in the second grade we had trouble with a teacher who would not let my daughter be involved with "show 'n tell" because her item was "Christian in nature". The toy was a puzzle box that had animals from the Arc on it, and you had to line up the animals to complete the puzzle. My Mother had given the puzzle box to my daughter. The liberal teacher thought that it was a violation of "church and state". So, being the Constitutionalist that I am, I let the teacher have both barrels one day after school, asking her to provide me with the section in the Constitution where I might find this issue of "Church and State". I was ready with quotes from the founding fathers... I made this second grade teacher look foolish.

    In the end we had to pull my daughter out of that school and home school her. Not because of the religion angle. My daughter fell ill and needed to be hospitalized. I wanted to barrow text books from the school to use to teach my daughter while she was in the hospital. The teacher and school princple told me I couldn't have the text books. So I asked what the text books were so I could buy my own copys from some place like Amazon on line. The teacher tried to tell me the text books were not availible on line. By this time I as so fed up, we pulled her out of public schools.

    When she got old enough for Jr High School she wanted to go back to be with kids her own age. She is doing really well. She gets great grades in all her subjects. However, she has teachers now that do the same thing that the OP was typing about. The difference is she stands her ground. My daughter argues with the teachers when they bad mouth conservatives. My daughter understands socialism and free market capitalism, and some of the other conservative talking points. She listens to Rush, and Conservative Talk Radio. She stands up to her teachers when they are teaching "opinion" and not fact. As a resault I get called into school almost every month about her being "disruptive". So I find out what the teacher was trying to teach and if my daughter has a ligitimate arguement, then I back her up. For instance, this last school year, just a few months ago, her history teacher tried to teach the class that homosexuality was "ok" because George Washington had a gay Captain in his Army and when the other leaders of the Army ousted this gay Captain, George Washington personally went to bat for him, and got him re-instated as a Captain. My daughter wanted to know why it mattered in history to teach the class about this captain. She wanted to know what battle was won or lost that made this captain so special. She wanted proof that this captain was ousted from being gay. The teacher got mad and I was called. This crap is in the text books now. The problem for me is most of this stuff doesn't have any proof. There arn't any sitations so some one can check the truth of the leason being taught. I go in there once or twice a month and I get loud and agressive, having a blast exposing the liberal lies. Most of the time it is the teacher adding stuff that isn't true or putter their own liberal spin on the leasons being taught.

    I personally think it is good for the kids to stand their ground when it comes to a just cause. And even better when their parents back them up. I don't see enough of that these days. I told my daughters to never pick on anyone and to never start fights, but I told them to beat the hell out of anyone who attacks them. My oldest daughter is 21, now. When she was in High School she was in a fight where another girl hit her in the lunch room and my daughter fought back. When the school called me in, I backed her up. I told the priciple that I had told my daughter to defend herself at all costs. I explained to the priciple that if I'm on my luch break and someone attacks me, I'll draw my Constitutionally Protected, Legally Carried, CCW and it will end badly for the badguy. I explained that this is what I teach my children, to defend themselves. I went on to explain that my daughter should be commended for showing restaint, because the other girl was not mamed, disfigured, or dead.

    At any rate, my point is; we have to stand up against the liberal push in this country.

  49. Homeschool.'08.
  50. Ah, yes, I know this too well... :steamed:

    The Lefty-******* Teaching Establishment in Madison, WI, which is the seat of the Liberal BS this state is now famous for, had my oldest son too confused to think straight about much of anything... :upeyes:

    The teachers are practically untouchable, so either pull the kid out and pop for a private school, or teach him what you can, and bide your time till graduation--though it gets even worse in college! :frown:

    One thing I've enjoyed hearing from him repeatedly is, "Everything you've told me has proven to be the truth..." ;)


    P.S. His mom and I are divorced, and she and her numb-nuts hubby are ********; my influence was limited while he grew up. :sigh: