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My Solemn Promise to My GT Buddies and Buddettes....

  1. Anyone but Hillary in November!!! If that means Trump ...so be it.

    I am completely disgusted with this whole Clinton/DOJ/FBI mess.
  2. ABH.

    All the freakin' way.
  3. There is no other way to possibly defeat Hillary.
  4. The fix is in. I will vote one more time, for Trump if necessary since there seems to be no one else. but then I am done, I do not expect to vote after that. It just lends credibility to the fraud.
  5. Vote Trump! :)
  6. Trump said the fix is in and he is right. Get out the lube, we are gonna need it!
  7. I like lube.....
  8. ANYONE Who has ANY knowledge of Hillary and her team and still votes for them are aiding and abetting ISIS, SHAM Government. Stupid Money tossed at programs that are worthless to begin with.

    Not to mention THEIR own complete ignorance of government of any kind. Not to mention needing to be deported to the mid East to be educated on how a Hillary G/ment will run here in America with in two years of her being in office. Not to mention her total and disqualification to run anything more than a school playground.. Not to insult that school playground.

    I don't want to call Hillary voters StOOOPID. But if you are one. Look closely in the mirror and you will see a very StOOPID someone looking back at you.

    Please don't ask me how I really feel about this.
  9. So if I don't vote for her, and she finds out, what are my chances of getting whacked?
  10. Hillary is going to win. No ifs ands or buts about it. I'm more sure of it than I was of Obama winning both times.

    Do you realize how many idiots are going to vote for her simply because they think it's time for women to be president? Hundreds of thousands of morons simply wanting to see a woman in the office.

  11. We need more of this
  12. ...they may have learned their lesson from electing the 1st black muslim?
  13. I love my country.
    Reagan was my first vote, and I have never voted for a democrat. Never will that I can ever see.

    But what you wrote is just silly.
    We have celebrated good presidents and survived bad ones.
    Hillary doesn't have the power to destroy this country. You give her too much credit.
    She won't be the best president, or even in the top 40. But we have lived through others, we will live through her.
    Keep congress, keep holding their feet to the fire to withstand her damage. But don't imbue her with power that she doesn't have. Talk doesn't legislate.
    If any executive had it within his gasp to ban guns in any effective way, it would have been Obama. He has been reduced to giving lip service, Hillary won't get that far.
    Get a grip, don't panic, write, e mail, vote, townhall, primary bad guys, support good guys.
    Demonization of opposition is for fools and democrats.
  14. Even when you're on the receiving end?
    Not that there's anything wrong with that...:wedgie: :rofl:
  15. That is a great movie and a great part of it!!