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My own stray dog experience...

  1. Had a bad encounter yesterday on the property with two stray dogs. Fortunately though, because I carry at home I was ready.

    The details are as follows, I was home with our 14 month old daughter while momma was off working. So I spent my day cutting firewoods and getting ready for tonights snow. That meant running the generator to top off batteries and fill our water tank.

    So it's been a couple of hours since I started the generator and I figured I needed to check our water tank and shut down the generator if we were full. All batteries had their required maintenance charges and were 100%.

    I have my G20 with Hornady 200GR JHP rounds +2 spare mags on my hip in a paddle holster. So I am walking up and I get about half way to the generator when I see the first dog. I smelled the second dog (I thought it was a skunk at first...) and caught a glimpse of it as it charged me. I didn't think I just reacted...

    My first round grazed the top of the second dogs head (for the record both dogs were pit-bulls), I was high, my follow up was dead center and the dog dropped 5-6ft from my feet. The second dog had managed to reverse course and was starting to leave after the second shot, it never made it. Honestly I was surprised I hit it, but off center back of the head 80 foot shot.

    I was trembling from the adrenaline. Once I verified that both dogs were dead I checked for collars and tags. The one closest to me had a chain around it's neck and from appearances, had been in several scrapes as his face and neck were heavily scarred.

    A couple of things came to light from this:

    1. My practice paid off, I didn't really think everything was automatic and my rounds went where I wanted them. The first round, as I thought about it I failed to adjust for the dogs momentum, but the follow up shot was dead on.

    2. The habit of carrying my side arm gave me the chance I needed. Had I not been packing, I doubt I would have made it back to the cabin where I have my ready shotgun where I can get it.

    3. My dogs failed to warn me, let alone show up. Of course both of our current dogs would have been annihilated by the pit-bulls.

    4. Normally we allow our 14 month old to truck around the property. We can see her and all but this event has me devising a safe zone for our daughter.

    5. The Hornady 200GR JHP that I am using... I have faith in it's ability to do the job.
  2. Carry daily, apply sparingly.

    Excellent story. Adding this to my list of people who have saved themselves from non-human threats.
  3. I almost shot a pitt at a flea market one day after it got up to charge a little girl. I was adding tension to pulling my G23 out of the holster when the dog was quickly yanked back by the chain that was affixed to the table.

    Split second decisions come down to muscle memory and good judgement.

    Glad you made it out; glad the dogs are dead and will never have the chance to cause injury to your child.
  4. Sorry to hear that you had to put the dogs down.....but you did have to put them down.
  5. Glad you were not injured.
  6. Hum... dogs are dead. Everyone else gets to enjoy supper, etc. Cool.
  7. Where was the child? How is your hearing?
  8. Emma was sleeping in the cabin when I headed up to the generator, so she wasn't involved directly. Funny thing is she was still asleep when I ran back down after the shooting. As for my hearing... I am already partially deaf but the ringing in my ears is a bit louder today than normal.
  9. I had no choice, a charging dog on my property is enough for me to justify shooting them. Especially since this dog came from my right. I know you are not attacking my decision, but I suppose a bit more clarification is needed on why chose to pull and fire.
  10. Glad you were able to react accordingly, and that your 14month old wasn't with you.
  11. Good job.
  12. You did what you had to do and did a great job at it. Funny thing about the sound though. Whenever I'm out hunting and I see a deer to shoot, I never recall even hearing the shot through my adrenaline pumping.
  13. good job, but your saying it took more than one shot with a 10mm? Something doesn't add up.

  14. Yeah... I got a glancing hit with the first one... must have been loaded Short and Weak :whistling:
  15. I love dogs , but in your place , I'm hoping my 9mm corbons would have stopped them . Man over beast everytime, Well done . That was some precious real life training as well. You now know how you will react in a tight spot . That is golden knowledge.
  16. Feral dogs are about as dangerous as it comes. Glad you came out on top.
  17. Glad there was a happy ending to this one. Good shooting--and situational awareness.

    I once had to fight off a stray dog pack with a maglight, and I'll never forget how fast things went from calm to deadly.
  18. I think the fact that you had no choice was very clear. Roaring was not questioning your decision...he was affirming.

    Edit: I wanted to add that I appreciate you sharing your story.
  19. Did you find owner? Charge them for bullets/underware?
    Course sometimes its better to recall the 3S rule.
  20. You did good. I've had to put down more than one dog on my property too, as have most of my neighbors. A good reminder to carry even at home around the house.

    I live out in the country, and we take animal control seriously. It seems like people think they can dump their critters around here because it's a nice place. Said critters then form packs and start eating whatever they can to survive. A couple wild dogs in a field of lambs will cause all kinds of hell. Around here, dogs caught in a farmer's field are most often shot on sight. Farmer's own dog is the only exception. Control your mutts, or farmer John's rifle will.

    A few years back I put down a dog that was attacking kids on their way home from school. Hospitalized several kids and drew blood from my wife before I walked down there and stopped it. Deputy who responded said I saved him a bullet.
  21. Sorry to hear.
  22. I am confused by this.
  23. Not attacking, or even questioning. Just offering my condolences for you having to put the dogs down. Although justified, I'm sure you didn't exactly feel good about it.
  24. bingo.
  25. Am a dog lover. Dont like hear about dogs getting shot /killed.
    Mostly the fault of a stupid and or negligent owner.

    Did not like to hear that through someones (owners) negligence that you were put in position to have to fire / defend yourself and your family.

    Concerned that if you had somehow missed, in the precious little time you had you could very well have been injured. I know you did not miss but it would have been better not to have been fored to defend yourself.

    Particualry concerned that your child could have been either injured by an animal attack, or she could have seen the event and had a "tramatic" affect on her with daddy shooting a dog(s). I know she was not in the immediate proximity.

    So, sorry to hear, meant I am genuinely sorry you were put in that situation.
  26. I am glad it all worked out.

    Two times on my property I had stray dogs come after me.
    One time I was walking back from my mail box. I was unarmed and a stray dog was very aggressive at me.
    I was able to get away by walking slow around the house and get in the back door. It made me understand how fast a situation can change.
    The second time I was armed but the dog back off at the last min.

    Most of the time now when I go outside I have a gun on me.
    Sh** happens fast.
  27. Ah, thank you. Yeah, I don't cotton to shooting dogs either but as noted I didn't have a choice. I know I never would have made it to any form of safety (downside to living on a lot of acreage) so I reacted. I have been calling all of the neighbors asking if they are missing two dogs, so far none have said yes.

    Other than the chain on the one pits neck, neither had collars and I checked for tattoos. Animal control has their bodies now (I had them collect the carcasses to check for an RFID chip) and I inquired this morning if either dog was chipped, the answer was in the negative.

    Best we can tell is these animals were dumped up in our neck of the woods. Which sadly is not all that uncommon. Most times we don't have to shoot these abandoned dogs, we can catch them and turn them over to animal control. But there are occasions such as my recent incident we have no choice.

    As a case in point, about a year ago one of my neighbors had to take out a Rottweiler that was attacking his 4 month old colt. Like you he's a dog lover as well, has several border collies.

    I do wish things had been different but they weren't. The one thing I am truly grateful for is that my baby wasn't harmed or immediately present. Mali and I have a plan to build an enclosure for the children so we don't have to worry as much. That will get put up this weekend.

    What has me really concerned right now though is several neighbors have reported a mountain lion on their properties in broad day light, and one of them is right next to mine. These sightings have happened in the last two weeks. So last night I started to spread ammonia soaked rags around a predetermined perimeter with the idea is that the smell will keep the mountain lion (and other predators) at bay.

    I have also just ordered a couple more game cameras so I can start tracking more of my property, see if this cat is coming onto our land and where as well as what time. I know the campus I work for tracks mountain lions and I believe the one we are seeing is one being tracked, so I have opened a dialog with these folks to obtain their data as well, I am just waiting for their response.

    Living in the mountains is rarely dull...
  28. Please take no offense, just glad you and daughter are OK.

    I have Rottweiler number 4 at home now and a fat 10 y/o toothless and ill mannered Schnauzer that I just inherited from a recently dead uncle.

    Becasue of my history of owning Rott's I am particualry sensitive to powerful doggies being well trained, well mannered and well controlled.

    The toothless Schnauzer constanly attacks the Rott, but can do no damage. It is now a constant reminder of what a lack of training can lead to.

    Glad you are well.
  29. Really thought these people would be here by now. Church must be in session.


    I know I already used that picture so don't bother.
  30. Glad to hear you're alright. I'm honestly more worried about animals around here than I am people, since we have so much land.

    Hell, just a week or two ago, I almost had to kill a coyote at the end of my driveway.

    I was taking my dog out for the night when all of a sudden she just started going crazy. She started barking and went running after something, towards the road.

    I went running after her as a reflex, screaming & yelling for her to stop.

    I got her to stop and turn around, then she went and sat on the porch and waited for me.

    That's when I seen what she was chasing. The coyote stopped at the end of the driveway, just staring at me..

    I'm pretty sure it was rabid, because it was definitely not afraid of me at all. I was literally screaming at the thing at the top of my lungs, stomping, etc.. It wouldn't move though.

    So I drew my pistol and prepared to fire, in case it tried to charge me once I started backing up.

    I didn't want to shoot unless absolutely necessary though, so I started throwing rocks at it with my left hand while holding the pistol in my right.

    Eventually one of the rocks hit it and it ran off. Scared the hell out of me tho.
  31. I am sure the majority amongst us would appreciate a video of such. :supergrin:
  32. Beautiful. :thumbsup:
  33. Glad you are ok.

    In before that one 30+ year dog trainer clown comes to tell you that you should have altered your behavior around those well trained animals.

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  34. So, you determined the coyote was rabid and choose to throw rocks at it instead of shooting it?
  35. Well done!

    Back in the day I had to shoot a GS that was intent on attacking my son. Dog died, son was scared but okay.
  36. Oh Lawdy!
  37. OMG finally something open carry did not prevent :wow::wow:

    on a more serious note though, glad you got the dogs down before something bad happened to your daughter/family. Nothing worse than roaming dogs, and irresponsible owners...:steamed:
  38. I'm not a vet.. I don't know if it was really rabid or not.

    From what I hear though, if they aren't scared off by people they are most likely rabid.

    Had I shot it while it was just standing at the end of driveway I would have HAD to clean it up, even if it didn't attack me.

    I'd rather not come anywhere near rabies-infested blood if I didn't truly HAVE to... lol

    I figured if I could somehow scare it off instead, that would be better.. and it was :)
  39. Good deal. I am glad it all worked and you and your daughter were not hurt.

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  40. This!
  41. I have been reading along waiting for it to hit myself. You're right they all must have taken the day off.
  42. Maybee the dog was coming to say hi? Why did you kill the poor defenseless animal?

    I have been attacked three times. You know immediately the dogs intentions. Once was by a pack of coy dogs when I was stopped alone working on my dirtbike at 13 yo.

    It is downright scary!

    Good job, puttin them down! They were running deer and anything else that they could. Just scaring them off for the next neighbor to deal with would have been cowardly and irresponsible. What if they killed your neighbors kid a 1/2 hour later!
  44. Poorly trained and kept dogs are always a problem. Good on ya and I'm happy to hear both you and baby girl are alright. Dogs aren't always so easy to drop but then again I have never used a 10mm on one. Food for thought as you had to stay on target for a second and possibly third shot on a charging threat. Had a neighbor with a "free range" 110lb shepard that took 2 .38+p hollow points out of a 2" snub from 5' away. He had my trash strewn about my yard but it was when he started growling at me defending his dinner was when things got ugly. One in the heart lung area one in the ribs. Dog took off but never died. Lived for several more years to boot but never got into my trash or sh1t in my yard again... Go figure.
  45. I certainly would not tell HR about this if you still work where you did because they may claim you are really too aggressive. I never shoot at things running away except thieves.:whistling: Glad you are ok and I hope you buried them and said nothing.
  46. I have two Pit Bulls. I also love dogs and have had many in my lifetime.

    Knowing how Pits can be, I'm glad you were strapped. Nice shooting under pressure.
  47. Good job looking out for yourself, glad you're OK.
  48. I love dogs, including Pits, but you did what needed to be done. Good job protecting the house and daughter.
  49. I know a lot of people who love dogs, and that's cool. I love my dogs, and like a bunch of other dogs too. But just like people, any dog I don't know is a potential threat. So, no love, no fear, just prepared.