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My Old Hard Drive....How Can I Access It??

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Nalapombu, May 31, 2005.

  1. Nalapombu

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    Oct 21, 1999
    Spring, TEXAS....USA
    Hey all,

    Here is my situation. About a month ago I had a hard drive crash and lost EVERYTHING. I then went out and bought a new drive to replace it. I installed it then added WinXP and configured my system as best I could. Everything was fine except for the fact that ALL of the stuff that was important to me was on my other drive that was now sitting on my desk.
    I found a place in town that would go in and see if they could recover any info for me. Turns out that they were able to access my drive and the guy called me while he was accessing it and I was able to tell him what I wanted and to my great shock, I got EVERYTHING I wanted off of the drive. Now I have all of that stuff back on my system and everything is back to normal and running FINE. The only bad thing is that they charged me $70!!
    I then go to set up my Outlook Express with the backup I had got off the old drive. Turns out that the back up I had saved and got off the old drive was a back up that I produced back at the end of December. All of my folders were there and in tact, but there was a lot of messages that were gone because I couldn't get the last 4 months worth of messages.
    Now I could take it back to the place that I used before but I KNOW they'd charge me another $50 MINIMUM to get it for me. Even though the information that I want is so small they they could email it to me, and I was a previous customer, they would still charge me. It's not worth THAT much to me, I could make a payment on a new pistol for that!!!:cool:
    So now I am thinking that I can do it myself. I have the drive, I have an extra power plug and ribbon cable in my machine, so why couldn't I? All I need is for someone to tell me how to do it.;P ;P
    What is involved other than plugging the power cable in the drive and connecting the ribbon cable to it? Would I have to change Jumper settings, settings in my BIOS or what? Could I just plug those 2 cables in and then click on "My Computer" and it would show up and let me access it?
    Tell me what I would have to do to get access to this drive. I would like to do it myself and save the $50 that it would cost me to have the place do it for me.
    Should I do it, forget it cause it's too much of a headache or just pay the people to get it for me and be done with it?
    I await your help and ideas.

  2. Alexit


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    Dec 30, 2002
    If its not an ancient PC you can set the old HD to "slave" then plug it in to the internal HD cables (as secondary drive)...this may/may not get you access (depends if the last people re-wrote the drive to get at your files.) If you do this and it shows up but thinks its blank DO NOT FORMAT! Google for disk recovery software, there are some nice Linux programs (you boot from a CD) that will let you recover from almost a total wipe.

  3. HerrGlock

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    Dec 28, 2000
    Get an external USB hard drive case (about $20) and plug your old drive into it. Those things are wonderful for recovering stuff.