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    My most beautiful knife, and very likely one of the world's most beautiful knives, is the Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife, 3rd Pattern commando dagger issued to British special forces in WWII and is still in use today and it's possible to buy one from one of the current sub-contractors with the military proof marks including the broad arrow amd it comes with the original issue sheath with tabs to be sewn onto a pantleg or boot.

    They can be obtained for $80 to 100 dollars and mine is made by John Nowill & Sons Ltd. Sheffield, and has a bright flawlessly polished blued blade and handguard that is magnificent. The Proof marks and manufacturer's stamps are on the handle side of the hand guard. the Third pattern has a "skull Crusher" pommel that is a hexagonal acorn nut with a rounded head. the ringed handle is what is called "vase" shaped. The proportions of this knife are absolutely perfect and the thin, pointed blade is deadly.

    So deadly, in fact, that it is illegal to carry in most jurisdictions even if you have a concealed weapons permit.