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Went to the gun show today and along with numerous other things I picked up the new magpul moe ak furniture.I also finished installing the new ALG AKT that I ordered from rifle dynamics last week.First Off Ill say that I really like how the finished product turned out ,but boy did it take awhile to get there(my fault).First off I had a brain fart and bought the ak furniture that was for an ak without a sling mount.Needless to say It took me awhile to modify the set I bought to fit since my gun had a sling mount lol.Over all I really like the feel of the hand guard and I can say Magpul hit it out of the park with this stuff IMO.

The ALG trigger simply put is awesome.I have flat Geissele triggers in all of my AR's and this just makes me feel right at home but in an ak lol.Its got a much smoother crisper break than the stock tapco G2 I took out and its definitely a bit lighter.The reset is much shorter and overall the trigger is a huge step up from what ive felt with most AK's.I really don't see how you could do any better for $50 and a few minutes of your time.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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