My Letter to the Editor Was Published

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    It was edited, but the points remained intact.

    Citizens best served by right to bear arms
    Published Saturday, June 2, 2007
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    As proved by Columbine, Virginia Tech and other incidents of extreme violence on school campuses, the "gun-free school zone" policy is really nothing more than a "helpless victim zone" policy.

    How many unarmed people have to die at the hands of lawless, evil people before people realize that the policy must be changed? Are 32 innocent deaths not enough?

    A recent letter clearly indicated that the writer knows nothing about firearms, yet he (incorrectly) throws out terminology that would mislead the public into believing that demonized weapons are more a threat to public safety than those actually used.

    Automatic weapons, which are those that fire more than one round for every squeeze of the trigger, are tightly regulated under the National Firearms Act. There are an estimated 170,000 civilian-owned legal automatic weapons in the United States, and only one has been used in a murder, by an off-duty Ohio police officer.

    The murders at the Best Buy construction site were committed by a man wielding an ordinary pistol, the same model and caliber carried by law enforcement officers nationwide. It is not unusually powerful nor more deadly than hundreds of other models available and would not have been banned under the properly expired Assault Weapons Ban.

    I share the concern for public safety, but restricting the constitutionally protected right to defend oneself does not remove the threat posed by criminals and crazy people. Public safety is best served by supporting the right of citizens to defend themselves from violence.

    David Robertson

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