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My last and final paycheck that I earned on duty was just deposited in my account

  1. I am going to the house. One week ago I turned in EVERYTHING I have ever been issued.

    Wish I could have hit the retirement cutoff but it was not to be. I was just 1-year and four-months away from a lifetime state retirement check. That check every month would have been nice but it isn't everything.

    This was my decision, I was not fired; no disciplinary action. I chose to do this. My wife is fully supportive thank God.

    Hope I can still call you guys my brothers. And hope that I can still post on this board with y'all..

    Best Wishes to all of you, And good Luck and Safety to all of you.......

    Dave (nitesite)
  2. Don't know what caused your early separation, but you are a brother for life.
  3. Congrats on walking away, on your own accord. I’ve been out for months and still refuse to leave the club.
  4. You know what's best for you, the pension is nice, but there's plenty in life worth more.

  5. The only path you have to walk is the one you choose! If this was the right thing then it was the right thing. I hope this elevates your happiness and you discover that this was the best for you and family!
    Godspeed and good luck!
  6. Thank you for your service. I know it’s hard to leave but sometimes you have to do what’s best for you!
  7. Good luck to you brother! If you ever need me just reach out.
  8. I have been out a long time and never left my club either,

    OH wait.... You meant like a social group not a actual club!

    My bad.

  9. You will always be a brother as far as I am concerned. Good luck in your next endeavor.
  10. Ignore Dragoon,

    he hears the word club and looks for a woman to drag off to the cave by the hair...............
  11. Congratulations on surviving the game and the more recent insanity! I'm happy for you and jealous.

    Theoretically, I'm looking at four years ten months and three weeks...not that I'm counting.
  12. Have a long, happy and retirement!
  13. You make your own future
  14. Congratulations. 1 year and 4 months left for me. :cop:
  15. I got a couple more years to go, I’m ready to go now, question is can my body last that long?!?
  16. As previously posted, you are indeed a brother for life.
  17. You made it and that's all that counts.

    Drop the cop attitude, get your entitlement voice on, and learn to start every sentence with: "Back when there were real cops...". Buy yourself an easy chair and take up a hobby or three.

    Congratulations on your return to civilian life.

    Since you are a brother for life, can you spot me a 'Fitty' for lunch?
  18. Yeah, and YOU know all about cave groupies old timer!!

  19. Congratulations. I hope to be not far behind you...
  20. :cheers:
  21. Congrats and thanks for the years!!
  22. Congrats Nitesite!

    Looking forward to hear about your next chapter.

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  23. I’m happy for you. Envious. I’d consider it if I had anything else I could do.

    But I know I’d miss it. As much as I ***** about it. I’d miss it
  24. Congratulations!

    I got out almost exactly a year ago. Way happier now.
  25. You chose to be a sheepdog, and will never be a sheep, active LE status or not. Everyone here will always be happy to have you in "the club." After all, whether you are still wearing the uniform or you hung it up for good, it's your character and what you inherently stand for that will always make you special.
  26. Ditto. I've got too long in now not to finish it up
  27. Best of luck in any new endeavors...brotha!
  28. Congrats on making it as far as you did...yes, there is life after LE...I've been out 18 yrs 2 months and 12 days, but who is counting
  29. Congrats.

    As long as your vested in the pension system you should be able to draw a check when you hit retirement age. That’s my plan. That extra $400-500 a month (for me after 7 years in) will help with whatever.

  30. Talk about a great sense of timing!

    Who’s better than you?
  31. That is probably the most eloquent explanation we will read in this thread. Bravo, well done sir.
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  33. I posted that on my FB as covid hit. With my wife's schedule and my old work schedule we would have had to do some drastic **** to homeschool the kids.
  34. You’ll always be one of us.

    Hard to imagine leaving with 16 months left though.

    I can draw my pension at 49. I can’t imagine what could cause me not to stick it out for that, and I’ve got 12 years left.
  35. Very many congratulations. I remember that day for me 29 years ago last month when I moved to USA with my US born wife. Enjoy!
  36. Congrats nitesit(+ an e) and thank you for your service. Enjoy every day of your retirement!
    And wear some sunglasses, because your future is about to get a hell of alot brighter for you.

    God Bless, and be safe out there! :cop::flag::cheers:
  37. some say it's intuition, some say it's the Holy Spirit, but I've got to believe there is a valid reason a higher power decided to nudge you to make a change. You will never know what would have happened should you have stayed. Just be thankful you listened to your gut. I'm guessing that you are very blessed.

    Enjoy what lies ahead.
  38. There comes a time when enough is enough.

    You are a man of integrity/principles and only you know what is best for you.

    Good for you.

    A brother for life if you consider a hose dragger/band aid pusher a brother.

    God speed
  39. duplicate
  40. I love foundation savers, lol. My partner for the last few years of my career was a volly hosedragger. I let him drive, cause if he can roll those big ass engines safely, the Taurus wasn't crap.
  41. Sometimes life unfolds in ways we didn't anticipate or plan for but you play the hand you're dealt. Trust that it all happens for a reason and keep the faith. Best wishes on your next chapter.
  42. One of the nice things about CalPERS is if I was in his spot you can pull it in 16 months. They call it "pending" your retirement if it is in the last 2 years.
  43. Dave congrats on the new chapter in Life. it is far much better to read that post here with you telling us that. Instead of somebody saying Dave was 15 days away from retiring. And got shot by a thug and never made it home that night.

    This is a much happier outcome.

    Give that a minute of thought.
    and you will be happy again.
  44. congrats, I'm envious as well. I've got at least 10 to go.
  45. Contemplate another state job, where possibly your time accrued will be transferred over. Any job, I assume. Now as far as being here, if they let me in, you are I will assume let in the front door, where as I sneak in the back door here, shhhhh.
  46. Thanks for your service brother! I am not far behind you. After 38 years I will be done January 2021.
  47. Congrats, it is a great feeling to retire, especially while in good health to enjoy retirement.

    I do hope you had a 401 or 457 so you could take the extra pay for annual days you had built up, and put it in your 401 or 457 before taxes.
    Then, in a year or more when you are making less you can withdraw what you need at a lower tax rate.
    If you don't put the extra annual pay in a 401 or 457 the higher taxes for that total paycheck will eat up money you could have saved from the higher tax rate.

    You may go back after you retire an work full time again, but our state did not pay you but one time for days you build up.

    You got out safely, my advice would be to stay out. I worked about 4 more years, like a nut. Working at another state agency after retiring is a better idea.
  48. Thank you all for the support and encouragement. Love you all my Brothers.
  49. I did the same thing in 2005...I am really glad I am no longer in.
  50. I feel really great right now! It feels wonderful. Every day has a positive outlook.