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My gun loving cousin died yesterday

  1. He didn’t care much for Glocks but he sure did love his .45 ACPs. I hadn’t seen him since childhood. We reconnected on instant messenger a few months ago. Had some great talks about guns, girls, and cars. We were gonna get together next summer and see if me and my 10mm could outshoot him and his .45. He was only 45. If you pray as I do, please say a prayer for Alex and his family and friends. He was a good man...
  2. Really sorry to hear that. 45 is wayyyy too young.
  3. Prayers sent for Alex and the families.

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  4. Very sorry for your loss. RIP Alex.
  5. So sorry for your loss.
  6. Sorry for your loss.
  7. Sorry for your loss. 45 is young. Sounds like it was unexpected. What happened?
  8. So sorry to hear. 45 seems pretty young to me these days.

    Prayers sent.
  9. Very sorry. Gone too soon.
  10. Sorry to hear. My condolences.
  11. Prays

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  12. My mom told me that he had been having issues with his heart. He never once said anything to me during our talks. I don’t know exactly how he died at this time.
  13. My sincere condolences.
  14. Prayers and condolences to his family and you. He was way to young. So sorry.
  15. Very sorry to hear that. Sounds like a good guy that I’d have liked to meet.
  16. Prayers for Alex. He can wear double holstered .45's in Heaven.
  17. Condolences sir....
  18. Gentlemen, thank you very much for the kind words and prayers.
  19. Prayers for Alex, you and your family, sir.
  20. Only 45?


    Very sorry for your loss.
  21. He loved 45 ACP and died when we was 45.

    Good thing he was not a fan of 40S&W or 10mm

    I am sorry for your loss.
  22. Man that sucks I hate that you started to reconnect with him and he dies suddenly. Condolences and prayers.
  23. Sorry to hear that, I had my oldest brother die last year at the young age of 46 from stroke so I know it can be hard.
  24. Sounds like a good guy who the world will miss.
  25. sorry for your loss
  26. Prayers for you and your family.
  27. Very sorry to hear this. It's not like a child passing but 45 is still way too young.
  28. Prayers for Alex, his family and friends. Only a couple years younger than me. Tomorrow is not promised.
  29. Not knowing ANYTHING about his family (duh).
    Make sure they don’t give, sell for pennies his firearms collection. So often some POS tells family if they don’t turn them in they can be arrested for felonies. (Ok true if his family are convicted felons). But even suppressed guns there is time.
    Or person will buy them cheap, especially gun stores.
    Friend of my sister had to get rid of her soon to be released felon husbands guns. I wanted to be fair. “Take them to the gun shop, get written quotes. Tell them your husband has to agree...”. “I will beat every offer they make”
    She does, they tell her nobody would pay more, it’s illegal for me to buy them... so she gives them away for next to nothing.
  30. Prayers sent
  31. sorry to hear of Alex's passing best wishes to you and your family.
  32. Condolences.
  33. I was just wondering what he would be like as a neighbor and friend, maybe the kind of guy for beer and BBQ with a lot of stories. :grill::cheers::fred: RIP:eagle:
  34. That sucks on multiple levels. We’re going to need all the help we can get come election time.

  35. Prayers sent. tom.
  36. Prayers Sent!
  37. Sorry for your loss
  38. Condolences on your loss.
  39. Sincere condolences for your loss. Prayer sent. RIP and Godspeed Alex.
  40. My condolences. Best wishes for your extended family.
  41. Sorry to hear. He should've had many more years in him. 45 ain't dying age.

  42. Death is something that waits for all of us.
    It's especially shocking when it comes quick and early, but it sounds like he went fast and clean.
    We mourn because we love them, and now we are separated from them, and our world got a little smaller.
    But Christ is there on the other side, waiting for us, to expunge our record and let us into our second eternal life...

    Macabre, but there are many times when I envy the dead, especially those who go quick and fast.
  43. Much too young to pass away

    Condolences to the family
  44. Prayers lifted up for you and your family members.