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After 14 years of charging for it, I am now offering up the My Gun Collection application for free to use. This use to be an application that you could buy for $30 bucks ($(15) in it's earlier days. It's more of a strategic move to keep it going, I'm cleaning up the code and will be moving it to open source along with the my Loaders Log application and any other application that I create and use to sell.

I will still update the applications and make improvements when I can, but like so many other software application that just tend to expire after so long, and just disappear, I'm going to put the source out in the public so that people can make improvements or still use the My Gun Collection application if something were to happen to me.

But Once the code is cleaned up, it will be available at my GitHub site @ Github Repo
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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