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My Glock 35

  1. Just picked up a G35 this weekend, Damn this thing is smooth!! In my opinion, the best GLOCK around!!
  2. You said it man!
  3. Congrats! By far the best there is :thumbsup:
  4. +1

    Favorite Glock so far!!!
  5. I totally agree!
  6. All it needs now is some decal grips and some xs big dot sights!
  7. I have A23, & 24, and like them both.
    The 23 is a 2nd gen, and I have had it the longest, and it is still my favorite.
    I also have a 17L, & a 21, and have had 22,26,17,34, all of them have been good, and one of these days I'll have some more.

    I carry the 23, and keep the 24 for the range.

  8. +1
  9. i love my 35 :hearts: