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My Glock 19s Zev Defender - build done

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Loved my Glock 19 Zev Defender, but wanted a more concealable firearm. I still want a Glock 43, but I’ve always liked the fact that I can run my 9mm double stack mags in a little form factor and get the site radius of a longer slide. I didn’t want to mess with my Defender frame... so...

I bought a Glock 19 Gen 3 lower off of Armslist for $80, sanded, added two undercuts, lower mag cut outs, stippled, and swapped over my Zev Defender parts... hear she is... my new Glock 19s Zev Defender for $80 and my time... lol. I’ll eventually by a full lower kit and Zev Fulcrum Trigger... but for now she will do!

Looking at the pics, probably going to cut a little more out of the lower mag cutout... looks like a wave or something...


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