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My G35 trigger

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Up until recently I had only 2 Glocks. One is my G21, which is the first gun I ever bought way back in the 90s. I dont ever shoot it. The other is a G35 converted to .357 Sig. This one I have put close to 10k rds, maybe over. Anyway I just picked up a brand new Gen4 17mos on sale at my lgs. The trigger is terrible compared to my G35. So I installed a "minus" connector in it which made it a tad lighter but absolutely nothing like my 35. It is a lot grittier/rougher feeling compared to the 35. I had people shoot the 17 and they say it feels like a normal Glock. I was told that the striker spring in the 35 is probably wore out. Im not getting any light strikes so I plan to just keep shooting it.
Has anyone experienced this on a heavily fired Glock. Im wondering if the trigger is worn out or just worn in.

Mike D.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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