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    A friend of the family, and my wife's co worker is in Haiti. Dr. Rob Fuller left shortly after the quake hit along with friend and co worker Matt Howell. I just saw the interview here and Robs wife sent an e mail to my wife (forwarded to me) this morning and this is what it said...

    With the news of the additional quake this morning below is an update Natalie Fuller sent me this morning.

    Hey Lisa,
    I heard that Rob, Matt and the team are fine. They were awakened by it and they all scrambled for safety. There was lots of debris on Matt's cot.
    They are moving to a house today....hope they continue to sleep outside!!

    Dr Fuller is a great guy with a big heart. He said this is the worse he has seen, even worse than when he went over to help after the tsunami. Him and his team travel all over the world, and yes the USA, to help after any disaster. My wife, myself, and the staff at UConn are proud of him and his team. Thanks Doc.......
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    Thank your friend for his great work!
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