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Here is a picture of my new (to me) Suburban and my fishing hunting boat.

The boat is a G3 made by Skeeter. 12.5 feet long with a 15hp Johnson tiller steer. The boat is an '05 that I got brand spanking new but this is my first good pic of it. The motor is a 1978. I have added anchor/rope ties, a Garmin locator and a 30# thrust Motorguide electric motor. Up until now I have been using hand-me-down batteries from my dad but I will be getting a new one in a week or so. I added seats myself. The boat is factory finished in Shadow Grass and the motor and the seats have been given the Krylon touch with a grass pattern of my own making.
Top speed in this boat varies between 18 and 22 mph depending on what I have in it.
The Suburban is a 1997 that I just got. Nothing special besides being pretty. I plan on adding a single out Flowmaster exhaust and a K&N filter to help with the mileage.

Anyways that is it for now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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