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My first wheel gun

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Never really felt the urge for one, until I got an offer for a partial sig for a S&W 66-1. That deal didn't happen, but for whatever reason that sparked a fire.

Well, my first choices were a S&W or a Colt, followed up by a Ruger in 357. Even toyed with the idea of a 10mm revolver. I decided to get into a revolver on the cheap, and instead picked up this hardly used Windicator for $300. Seems very solid and functional. My guess is it will never be a "classic", but if I decide to sell should get most of my $$$ back.

Will probably take it to the range tomorrow for a little 38/357 fun.

Looks like finding nice wood grips for this is going to be pretty tough, not a big fan of the black.

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