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My first rifle rounds were a success

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Loaded 5 rounds of 223 to test my load and took 'em to the range today to test fire. I don't have a case trimmer yet so I just sorted through my brass to find the ones that were between 1.750-1.760.

My load was

Accurate 2230, wideners 55gr FMJ
22.8gr (1.57 disk on the lee powder disk measure)
2.230 OAL

Fired like a charm, clean and spot on accurate.

I am no officially able to load two different calibers lol, time to go crank out a few hundred 223 rounds and finish off my titegroup
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your not loading those .223 rounds with tighgroup are you?

always good to hear success stories.

Nono, sorry, I'm going to finish off my titegroup on my 9mm.. :)
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