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My First Glock

  1. I've finally got on board, and picked up my first Glock today. I bought a brand new Glock 17, gen 4, solid gray (frame and slide). I bought it from an individual who owned it for a week, during which time he switched the factory sights for Trijicon night sights. He also put on s grip plug, extended slide lock, and Talon granulate grips. All original parts included, case and 3 mags as well. I paid $550, which I think is a pretty good deal, gun looks pretty sweet.
    My questions, being new to Glock, are as follows:
    1) Did I get a pretty good deal? I want to say yes, but it's too late to turn back now.
    2) In addition to the current mods, what would be the most recommended mods? Nothing too crazy, I may occasionally use it as a ccw when it gets colder outside. I don't want to pimp out the Glock is my point.
    3) what are some good holster options-- OWB & IWB-- I know a 17 isn't the most easily concealed Glock around
    4) Are there any specific things I should do for breaking in the gun. I know I'm a newbie

  2. #2- Shoot a couple thousand rounds, you will most likely find you don't need to do anything

    #3- Get a Milt Sparks Summer Special II from Brownells, you won't be sorry

    #4- Shoot a couple thousand rounds.
  3. $550 is the top dollar for a new glock. W the upgrades you faired well. I think the night sights cost around 150. Not sure.

    Only other mod I would suggest, that others commonly get, is steel guide rod.

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  4. change the trigger, check out Glock triggers .com
  5. Congrats on the G17.
  6. 1. I don't believe in paying for other folks mods. I'd check and make sure the grips aren't hiding damage. The Gen4 texture is very easily damaged. Those little dots that is. If you like night sights though I wouldn't call it a bad deal.
    2. What I recommend is based on my own preferences. I'd recommend you do nothing initially other than enjoy the gun. With use you might see things you feel should be done.
    3. Safariland. I've never regretted buying one of their holsters. Plus you can get a suede lined ALS (security) holster brand new shipped to your door for around 65 bucks. I'd check eBay first though. I got a brand new Safariland duty holster once for 10 bucks with free shipping off of eBay. :)
    4. Shoot it. Glocks are good to go out of the box imo.
  7. 550 for the Gray gun with extras is a good deal. I would buy it for that and I get Blue label prices. I like the colors. Your gun is good to go as is. Shoot and enjoy and welcome aboard.
  8. I purched a glock 22 and installed the 9mm barel that came with it
    its a shooter. I reload
  9. :needspics:
  10. I will try to post pics later today, I was trying to figure out how to yesterday but was unsuccessful
  11. Sweet, post a pic!
  12. I think you got a pretty good deal. Now, go out to the range and put 500 rounds through it!
  13. No need to go spend money on an aftermarket recoil assembly. The Glock OEM recoil spring works fine.
    You start running into trouble and having issues with aftermarket parts. Stick to OEM and you won't have any issues. Most of the aftermarket stuff only lightens your wallet.
  14. Enjoy your new Glock.

    Well you have a grip plug. There isn't much more useful and critical than that. You could shoot it a bit. And see if by chance there is a manual somewhere in the case if that came with the purchase.
    I am not sure if I would settle for a stainless guide rod There are other metals out there that that seem to have a little more prestige than stainless steel. Titanium is certainly a choice and platinum has a certain aura but I tend to recommend one of the metals further down on the table... Palladium or Yttrium have a certain charm and prestige.

    On the other hand the one that comes with the gun has the others for reliability and economy too.
  15. Congrats on the 17. I agree whole-heartedly with many posters thoughts but particularly with jbglock's 2nd point...enjoy it. Mod as you feel the need to, I wouldn't go out and do anything to your 17 because someone told you to. As for IWB holsters it's kinda the same thing depending on how you dress and how you're able to ccw. There are lots of good holster companies out there and ma y have already been named. Lots of us have boxes full of holsters accumulated in the "quest" for the right one. I usually ccw a G-19 in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB. I've used it for nearly two years and have been very happy with it (and they're only like $32-33). But you'll likely need to try a few out to really land on what you like best.

    But don't get too hung up on "stuff" at this point, put some of that $ in ammo and practice, practice, practice.
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  21. Very nice.
  22. I guarantee that you will get much more than $550.00 with of value out of that pistol. I really like the full size frames of the Gen. 4's better than the 19/23 Gen. 4's. They conceal carry amazingly well.
  23. I definitely feel like I got a great deal. I've been looking at gen 4 g17s and g19s at a local gun store for the past week, and was going to actually order a g19 gen 4 in budsgunshop.com for ~$540 + transfer fee. I happened to check Armslist and was lucky to be the first responder to the post for the g17. I probably wouldn't have spent the extra $ on the gray gun had I ordered on buds, but I absolutely love the look of this gun. Not to mention, I literally sold my M&P shield 40 the day before I bought this gun, and coincidentally it had the same Trijicon night sights my new g17 has. Those night sights were the main reason I'd been waiting to sell it, I am moderately obsessed with those sights. I'm also very happy with the comfort of the g17 in my hand, and am in no way disappointed to have a 17 instead of a 19. I will never sell my g17, I am confident of that. Now to start pumping rounds through it...
  24. Congrats on G17.

  25. You got a fair deal if it shoot well enough. The extras made it a worthwhile buy. I would suggest buying as much magazines and ammo that you can afford and get an Uplula mag loader. Enjoy and be safe.
  26. Awesome! It looks to be in fantastic condition.

  27. Good deal for sure. My first and only Glock has been a Glock 17 Gen2/3. I carry it concealed occasionally here in VT.
  28. You got a great deal! If you like shooting, you'll love that gun. I wouldn't change anything on it right now - even the RSA. I've had my gen3 G17 for about 6yrs & run almost 9900 rounds though it without a single problem. All parts in my gun are factory original. I'm ordering a new plastic RSA to replace the original since I'm probably overdue for a replacement.
  29. Congrats! Looks great!
    1: Pretty good deal!
    2: Weapon light - I have a Streamlight TLR-3 on my G17 and really like it. Swapping the trigger is popular. Stippling if you feel the need for more grip. Not really a modification, but it's a good idea to pick up some more magazines - I'd recommend OEM Glock 17 mags, or Magpul Pmags are working great for me.
    3: If I carry mine, it's usually in a shoulder rig, or sometimes IWB with a MIC Holster. I'll attempt to make my own Kydex IWB eventually (hard to find a IWB I like that works with the TLR-3)
    4: Not really. It's a Glock. I've done absolutely nothing special with mine. I'm pretty sure most people don't do anything special with their new Glocks.

    I like CLP for cleaning and lube (I removed the Glock lube after a 100ish rounds, did the same with my G19). When it's time to restock on cleaning supplies, I want to try out Ballistol. Feed it anything you want for paper. For defensive, there's a bunch of great products. I like Federal HST.
  30. NICE!!!!!!
  31. Great buy on the G-17, I have a G-17, & G-17L and several others.
    I like the Break Free CLP, it works just fine in all of my Glocks.
    Don't be in too big of a hurry to make changes, and mods to it.
    Shoot it a while and see what you like and dislike about it.
    I don't change out any of my Guide rods and springs, none of them have ever given any problems. I have only seen one or two that were causing a problem, and they were on older glocks with very high round counts. A friend of mine gave me a new SS guide rod and spring for my G-21, he had ordered one for a gen 4 G-21, and ordered the gen 3 by mistake, he ordered the right one and gave me the other. I put it in my 21, and can't any difference in it. I am going to change it back to the old one, and save the new one. One of these days I might need it.
    Gongrats on the new 17, Take her out and enjoy.
  32. That's a great looking 17! I'm really liking the grey and the grip tape.

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  33. Looks pretty Sweet!! Now Go Shoot the P!SS out of it!!
  34. I think you got a deal. HD sights, at least a $130 upgrade, and you didn't have to pay tax!
  35. Congrats! I would invest in taking a handgun defensive course.
  36. YouTube Video of the mods I did on my Glock 17 . I love it! Very minimum mods but now very happy with it. Check it out!
  37. If your pistol serves a serious purpose...say...as a weapon, stay away from all... again, all... aftermarket junk except sights and tac light/lasers.

    If it's going to be a range toy only, where it doesn't matter if it works or not, do whatever you want.

    Never forget that Glock probably knows more than the aftermarketers and maybe even a small few of the Internet experts. So...use Glock OEM parts if reliable function has any value to you.
  38. I treat all my firearms as if I had to depend my life on them. So all mods are useful, and not Tacticool.
  39. Your pictures depict pleasant tones and nothing gaudy or obscene. Purchased price also suggest you received sights for free, and I'm a believer in the Tricijon hds for carry and competition.

    Holsters for me are usually bladetech for carry or competion and seem not as abusive on the weapons' finish and looks.

    Suggestions on practice and or daily dry firing will hopefully turn the piece toward your favorite. I have (40) mags for my (3) 17's and have installed a Glock Minus connector, with a (3) spring Wolff kit, striker, trigger and safety plunger. I see no need for further mods.