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My First Glock Was Born Today...

  1. Finally got my first Glock today, and it was born on 1/27/2010, not even a month old from the factory yet. When I first went to my local GunShop/Range I had my heart set on a G19 RTF2, but they didn't have any in stock and said that they probably wouldn't get any till the middle of spring, so I decided to get the G19 Gen 3. So I went to pickup my layaway today, and low and behold, they had an RTF2 version sitting in the case begging me to take her home. Asked the owner politely if I could exchange my layaway for the RTF2 and he said of course. Immediately after I paid off my Glock, I went to Walmart and bought 3 boxes of Federal Ammo for $9.47 a box, great thing was they had a lot in stock, which was surprising considering all the other wally worlds in-town have none. Went back to the Range, made sure my baby had the proper amount of lube in all the recommended areas and let loose. Shot 4 targets starting at 7yrds, 10yrds, 15yrds, and 25yrds. Couldn't ask for anything more for my first handgun. I'm glad that I made this great investment, and hope to make many more. Now I just need to get some night sights, a comfy holster, and maybe another mag or two. Would really like to start getting into league shooting and GSSF, cause I couldn't bare the fact of having a Glock and just letting it sit there. This will also be my carry and conceal, so I'm hoping that we get to know each other fairly quick.

    PS... Excuse the ferret on the 15yrd target, couldn't get him to stay off the damn paper long enough for me to take the picture, lol
  2. Congrats, very nice 19.
  3. Nice Glock 19 !
  4. welcome and congrats on the new 19. Nice marmot
  5. Congrats and welcome to the club. Ijust picked up a G22-RTF2 and love it, I would like my other 4 Glocks to have the RTF2 frame, it really sticks to your hand. Have fun with that 19 :cool:
  6. Sweet pistola. so what happened to the gills? Glock not doing that any more on the RTF2's?
  7. Congrats and great shooting!!!! Got my first Glock (G17 Gen 3) 3 weeks ago and have been enjoying it ever since. Only things I've done to it, for now, is the ".25 trigger job" and purchasing a standard Lone Wolff barrel (mold my own lead heads) as the puppy will be fed a steady diet of lead. Still amazes me how simple and well-made Glocks are. No wonder they are so popular. Am looking forward to campaigning her in scheduled IDPA events this year. Happy shooting!!!:wavey:
  8. :welcome: and congrats.
  9. Nice choice and I like thr RTF big time.
  10. I wondered about the fish gills too. I did like them as they seem to be rare and different. My guess is they did away with them listening to other customers demands, but it also makes me wonder if the fish gill slides are gonna be some kind of collectors item now since I heard they don't make them anymore.

    Also was gonna ask for some advice for my target practice. Any and all advice would be helpful being that this is my first gun and I've only went to the Range a handful of times.
  11. RE: the targets......
    Just my opinion...but they're about what one can expect from ANY handgun at those respective distances.....Unless you're shooting from sandbags, or Ransom Rest....you're PROBABLY not going to get "tight groups" out past 10 yards....Consider 30 feet is the width of a fairly large living room; engaging a target across that distance (consistant COM hits), under stressful conditions, is going to be tough, regardless of what make/model/caliber of handgun you use....
    End of the day.....I'd keep practicing at 7 and 10 yds. for CONSISTANT COM....and worry less about 15 and 25 (although it's always nice to set aside a few "spare" rounds to use for "developmental testing".....:whistling:
    Nice choice on the 19!! Enjoy!
  12. You know that it's alright to put all of your bullets through one hole, don't you? It's not necessary to use up all of the target just because you have it! :supergrin: Just kidding! Nice pistol, placement and pet. Welcome to the right side. :wavey:
  13. Congrats! nice shooting:wavey:
  14. sweet!!! Nice 19 and shooting, congrats...
  15. Congrats....
  16. Congrats
  17. Congrats and welcome.
  18. "The Big Lebowski"? such a cool movie.

    Really nice targets!

  19. Congrats... where are you located to get ammo from Wally.. how much did u pay for the G19 RTF total?
  20. your aims a little off...
    you missed the terrorist ferret!!!!:rofl:


    Nice 19, :wavey:
    now go look for some 147 Fed. HST's, to feed that beast.
  21. wish i had the rtf2. maybe someday i'll get it. nice shooting also.
  22. Welcome to the Glockahalism!
  23. Excellent!
  24. lol funny ****...I would say at 7 yards your doing ok, the longer distances will get better with some practice....and you CAN get much tighter groups at 10-25 yards, I can make 3" groups at 10 yards and Im not very good...great gun and great story, I had a very similar experience with my G26, theres nothing better than getting home and knowing your new gun not only met your expectations but went well beyond...have a great time with your new gun:pepper:
  25. Welcome and congrats! :supergrin:
  26. Thanks for the Welcome guys, it's very much appreciated.

    anyone here ever use Blackhawk Sepra holsters??? I'm leaning towards getting that for my carry holster, but didn't know if there was something better out there. I love the fact that it has a trigger guard lock.
  27. :welcome::cheers: