My first Glock part breakage - G26 Slide lock spring

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 9mmMike, May 17, 2003.

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    Well it was bound to happen.
    After thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds through my fabulous 26 and several years of almost weekly cleanings, I finally had a part give up.
    Funny thing is that it was not at the range but at home while cleaning.
    I field stripped the 26 and while I was wiping out the inside of the receiver, I pushed the slide lock down and heard a small snap. As I raised the receiver closer to my face the slide lock dropped out as well. I tipped the frame over and one small piece of spring dropped out. I pulled the other half out with tweezers.
    Lucky for me I had ordered an emergency spring kit from Glockmeister for a friend's birthday and ordered a second kit for me (great how that worked out ;) ).
    The spring took all of about five seconds to install. It took longer to strip my 17 to see which direction the slide lock should be installed as it has a ridge in it (on one side) which I assume must be important in regards to orientation.
    Anyhoo, this is probably a good arguement for replacing springs as part of a yearly maintenance cycle or something.
    Everything else on this gun is the same as it was delivered from the factory except for the firing pin safety that started peeling within the first couple hundred rounds (a looooong time ago) and the recoil spring assembly that Glock sent me during the "great recoil spring debacle" (also a looooong time ago). I never did have a problem with the original but since they were nice enough to send a new one, without me asking, I figured I would use it. In fact the firing pin safety never failed either but I did not like the ugly peeled surface. Interior gun cosmetics?
    Man I just can't say often enough how much I like this gun. Trust it with my life? You bet!
    That's it,
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    Sucks that it broke but you're right that it was bound to happen. Good to hear you had a spare on hand. After reading your last few comments about possibly changing the springs annually, got to thinking, if you haven't already, might as well start a little tackle box and save the old parts that aren't broke just in case one day one of the newer parts breaks. But think I might order a kit or two myself one of these days. ;I