my first Glock: .40 or 10mm?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by eric1182, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. eric1182


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    Dec 10, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    Ok. I'm looking to purchase my first handgun. I was immediately drawn to Glocks out of what I shot at the range, so thats what I've been looking at. Initially, figured the 9mm would be a logical choice for my first handgun, but recently I shot the .40 and enjoyed the increase in power. At that point, I figured I'd go with the .40, but then I started hearing a lot about conversion barrels, and how, due to this, the 10mm was the most versatile Glock. I never really gave the 10mm a thought because I figured it would be too much power for my first handgun. However, I'm intrigued by what I've heard about it. My main question is the reliability of these conversion barrels. I hear that the .40 can convert to .357sig with just a barrel change, and can convert to 9mm with slightly more effort than just a changed barrel. Apparently the 10mm can convert to .40, .357sig, and 9x25 dillon with just a barrel change. Looks like these conversions are going to play a role in my decision, so I was wanting to get some information on their reliability. Also, what would cheap 10mm range ammo go for on average?
  2. Jim in MI

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    Feb 16, 2004
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    I haven't bought a conversion barrel yet...

    but the Glock 20 was my first handgun, 3 years ago. The big frame absorbs recoil well, and it is pretty easy to shoot. It must be a creampuff to shoot 40 S&W out of a G20. I would rather shoot a G20 than a G26 with +p+ loads.

    Cheap ammo is found on the internet, buying rounds of 500 to get a discount. Blazer, Georgia Arms are cheap. Doubletaps FMJ aren't too expensive and my 10mm shoot them very accurately.

    If you buy a G20 and don't like it, you will have no problem selling it.

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    Jun 25, 2004
    I can't really address your specific questions, but personally, now that I have a 10mm, I feel as though I wasted a lot of time and money with the 40s&w. I carry and shoot my 10mm all the time,it is great.
  4. RAAMaudio


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    Nov 28, 2004
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    I bought a SW 99 compact .40 recently, really a nice little gun but wanted more power for the intended purposes I bought it for. So, looked around and picked the G29 as the most likely candidate and low and behold, I love it!! So does my 17 year old son, higher the power the rounds the more he grins and shots dang well to boot:)

    My G29 shoots more comfortably on full power loads than my 99 on medium loads, really.

    If you can afford the ammo, go with the 29 or 20 and/or get a conversion barrel for .40 if you really want to shoot a great deal and save some money.

    I have a nice clean SW99 .40 for sale, wish I had started with the G29 instead.

  5. ColoradoGlocker

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    Jul 4, 2003
  6. big grip

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    Oct 10, 2003
    If the Glock 20 & 29 fit your hand then go for the 10mm.

    The Glock 20 is my "if I could only own one handgun".

    The 10mm can do anything the .40 can do only faster and heavier. You can load it down for self defense, load it up for hunting. Shoot IDPA/IPSC, making major is a pup with a 10mm.

    It's a great do all gun.
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    Jan 17, 2002
    IMO one must first define the mission before the tools can be selected that would best accomplish said mission...whether the 'mission' be golf, gardening, clear cutting 10,000 acres of hardwoods in the national forest, or hunting ghetto taliban in East LA...

    That said...are you going to carry concealed...or is this purchase strickly for home defense...will you take it along on trips,vactations, camping, hiking, fishing, etc...and what kinds of wildlife...predators..2 or 4 legged do you envision needing this Glock to dispatch...

    Do you have big meat hooks...(large paws) or will your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sons etc also be using this same weapon?....Do they have problems with recoil
    or blast?...are they shooters?...are you?

    One other nice thing about Glocks...they come in all sizes and calibers...from sub compact to xtra large G21 and G20 sized frames

    Your best bet is to go to a range that rents firearms and try as many out as they have...and take along anyone else who will be shooting this same firearm and see how they like it....chances are you will be more adapatble than the women folk...(on the average)..

    In the right loads...there is nothing wrong with 9mm 347Sig 40 S&W 45 ACP or 10MM for home defense..different calibersand loads within those calibers are better suited for a more varied role...hunting larger game for example or not blowing holes through the six mobile homes between you and the highway...for another.

    Generally speaking for a 'family' handgun I would go for the Glock 19 get some night sights for it...some training and lots of practice...ammo is cheap...Walmart has good deals on their 'family packs'

    Read all you can here on Glock Talk....get yourself the "Complete Glock Reference Guide" from Lone Wolf Dist. (an advertiser and sponsor of G Talk)

    On the 10mm... I am a big fan (a device used mostly to blow hot air around)....I love my G20 but I also love my G21 G17 G26 G19 G30 G29 etc etc etc...

    Is there an ultimate's the one in the window....

    10mm ammo is not easy to find in a lot of rual areas...or in places like Wally World if you go that route be prepared to buy online and buy by the case price to get good deals...Double Tap Ammo being my favorite shopping place and a major source of credit card shock...for my 'Glocknificant'™ other- (we dont like the term 'Sig' Nificant other- hehehe)

    So if you go on 'road trips' with your G29 or G20 take the ammo you will need along..for the most part..Same goes for 357 SIG (oops said it again)

    That first purchase of a Glock handgun would be the G19 follwed by the G20 and then the G26 next I would get a G21 and then a G17 after that a G30 and a G29 and definately a G23 and then maybe something in a long slide..
    Do you see a pattern here?....bordering on obsessive compulsive disorder..?

    My favorite home defense Glocks....the G21 and G20....favorite camping gun G20
    favorite carry around gun the G26 The wife on the other hand likes her G19 and G23 and G26....and her new Smith 351PD (with Hi Viz front sight)...secretly though I know she covets the I am thinking about having Robar trim one down for her...

    I did not mention the GAP G37 or upcoming G38 as I have zero experience with them..I also no longer own any weapon chambered for 357 Sig...though I probably should..


  8. bac1023


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    Sep 26, 2004
    The 10mm is my favorite Glock caliber. BTW, most cheap range ammo is loaded far below the 10mm's potential and fairly easy to shoot. By some target ammo from DoubleTap to simulate the recoil of hot carry ammo. I currently carry 155gr Gold Dots from DoubleTap in my G29. 10 rounds of which is serious firepower.
  9. ILikeFtLbs


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    Nov 4, 2002
    Depends on what you want it for. If just to carry concealed or pop rounds off, or simple self defense, get the .40

    If you want something to mess with handloading, hunting, carry concealed, shoot at longer ranges, or self defense, the 10 fills all those needs.

    One thing I have noticed with the .40 as opposed to the 10 is the extreme changes in velocity and point of aim with different bullet weights. While my pistol shoots 180s dead on at 25 yards, the 155's are very low and the 165's jump around by brand. example, 180s at 950 ft/sec or 135's at 1200 ft/sec. The 10 seems pretty consistent load to load. I can shoot 135's at 1400 ft/sec or 180s at 1230 and they hit the exact same. Probabley has something to do with that laws of physics stuff....don't ask me. Both are very accurate though, and reloading components are easy to get.