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My First Dillon Complaint—Primer Slide Operating Rod

  1. Finally have enough time pulling the handle to raise my first complaint. I love the press, but I now see why some were critical of the decision to bring the 550 priming system over to the new 750.

    Being a rookie, it seemed genius to me, a marked improvement over having the 'ring of fire' spinning around in close proximity to the primer being seated. With the 'new' (old 550) system, it shuttles the primer over in isolation and mitigates damage in the event of a whoopsie....until it doesn't.

    The damn plastic roller on the side of primer slide kept getting hung up on the assembly body for some reason related to the primer slide operating rod. As a result of hanging up, no primer is being transported to the plate because the primer slide isn't returned forward by the rod.

    I tried all the operating rod adjustments, making sure the rod bracket was 5.625" in height, etc, etc...but every now and then, boom—the plastic guide wheel hands up and no primer is transported.

    I read a lot of people bend the rod just right to push the guide wheel ("large roller") out away from the assembly toward the end of the pin it sits on, but didn't seem like a good fix...could see me jacking it up and having to put a call into the mothership from bending it too much/bad angle/etc.

    Long story short, I think the whole operating rod idea is asinine and poorly implemented (I could see a track system/guide rod that doesn't bend and require constant alignments/tweaking. :)

    So I tried taking a spare index ball spring and used it to push the wheel out so it cleared the assembly. Seemed genius...but the spring is a couple thou too big and gets hung up/binds in the little track on the primer slide...same result.


    I then looked around for a narrower spring...only had a couple of 4.5# firing pin springs in my benchstock and didn't want to cannibalize one...but perfect diameter, if someone runs into this and has a spare around...


    ...finally settled on a spring from an old ball-point pen and enlarged it enough to get it on the slide rod/pin. Not my best work, but will grab a couple springs this weekend to have on hand, but this definitely fixed the issue.


    However, I suspect me the operating rod will do battle later down the road. Just not a fan of it whatsoever.
  2. Check out HF springs. One of the many reasons why some of us prefer the 650 priming system.
  3. Yes, sir. That's my plan for Friday, as I was going there to get a replacement 8x10 mesh tarp for the range...was hoping they had some variety packs there. Good call.
  4. It could not not hurt also to pick up an assortment of E clips, if you use the Dillon sizing die.
  5. I did just that some time ago. Bought an assortment box of springs off Amazon and found the perfect spring size. Slides like butta and never had an issue again.............
  6. That's one problem I didn't have on my 550. No primers and to many primers is the reason I prime off press. Since most of my rifle reloads are lead bullets I size on a different press as well and install a Lyman M-die in station one.
  7. Realizing the potential hazard of a primer chain fire event, I have had few problems with the 650 priming system. Back in my 550 days I recall having more than a few problems with the priming system.
  8. Oddly, I've never had this problem with my 550B, loaded thousands of rounds and never had this problem. Biggest problem is spent primers on the floor but I have a shop vac. I load all lead bullets for .45 and .38, some lead in 9MM, never felt the need to bell the cases in a single stage with the Lyman style expander.
    What am I doing wrong?
  9. As to belling nothing, most pistol dies have a built in belling stem. Most rifle dies don't.
  10. Dillon complaint?

  11. You are belling the case persay, it's just a different type of straight type bell.
  12. I run a 550 & 650. I much prefer the 650 priming system. I was surprised they "upgraded" the 750 to a slide. That Alone would have me looking for a clean 650 instead if I were buying. I would like to hear more from 750 users, thougn I doubt my 650 is going anywhere.
  13. When you get over 100k, get back to us. There'are fixes but Dillon should just build it right.
  14. I think @LindaWave tweaked her operating rod some and she called Dillon who told her to rotate the OR Bracket CCW a little (from the top) on the primer shield. And they sent her a new OR.
  15. I would! I mostly use my 650 for loading and my 750 as a training aid for a couple of folks I've been getting started in this hobby. I've had so many parts on and off of the 750, I hope I can put Humpty Dumpty together again when I want to actually reload on it.

    Ya' all know that I'm peeved about the primer system being changed, which necessitated moving the powder assembly, which fouled up my BF plan for Station 4, which means that 650/750 toolheads are not plug and play interchangable between machines.
  16. My work is seasonal. Come winter, I'll be cranking on the 750. So far with what little I have used it, the 750 has been trouble free.
  17. Yea, rotating the mounting bracket reduced the number of hang ups by 50%, but it still hung up—most times seemingly random, but every time a case would stick to the powder funnel and you have that 'hard pull'/thump, like clockwork, the rod would jump just enough that it no longer pushes the wheel outward and lets it get hung up on the primer assembly body.

    I'll probably request a new rod, as that's what they point to next after you turn the bracket...but the 1hr+ hold sent me looking for something to push the wheel out.
  18. I think the "extra-short" powder bar they released allows the use of a BF now, no?

    edit: From their site:

    In order to resolve this problem, we designed an innovative extra-short powder bar that shortens the extension range towards station #4 by a full 30mm (1.15”), resolving the issue. When fully extended, our charge bar stops short of contacting a Mr.Bulletfeeder Dropper or Mini Mr.BF tube assembly.

    The charge capacity of the Extra-Short bar is approx.. 95% of the Original Dillon small charge bar.
  19. Maybe you tweaked your OR too, as I never had that particular problem. It always looks close - as if a poorly designed system, but it works. But you can leave your # at Dillon and they will call you back. For the warranty parts I needed/requested, I sent a 'warranty' message through their website. Five days later got a notice that they shipped the warranty parts to me. Probably another 5-7 days before I get them. If you don't have a spare press, you need a selection of spare parts. Good luck on having the ones you actually need on any given day!

    Try more One Shot sprayed IN the cases. Oh wait... that's another thread of days-past.
  20. Yeah... DAA. I ordered one, and it could work - but you must use an allen wrench to adjust it, and if course I prefer something that uses a micrometer or index dial.

    Kap or UB posted a ($85) part from UniqueTec that 'holds' the fail safe rod over enough to move the powder assembly so that a micrometer appears to clear the BF tube. Soooo... I bought one and installed it, but haven't loaded a single round with it in place yet.
  21. It was UB. I'm looking forward to your review.
  22. You just bend the rod a bit until it puts more pressure on the idler pulley. I've had my 550 since 86, probably around 400K, and never any problems. You could also ask Dillon, or check their help forums at https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl750_350_32.htm

  23. If you call Dillon, they tell you to rotate the OR bracket on the primer shield CCW. @xTerpx's solution may ultimately be better than that. Dillon must be providing a lot of warranty ORs and should come up with a solution where minor tweaking of the OR (during removal/reinstallation) doesn't effect operation.

    I too, haven't had a problem yet on my 750, but I don't have a lot of miles on it yet, either.