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Since I got my Canon SL1, I've struggled to take clear, well-focused picture of birds. They always turned out blurred. Flying birds have proven frustrating over the last 6 months.
There are some key skills to capture birds in flight.
  • Shutter priority at 1/600 sec or 1/800 sec to freeze the flapping wings and eliminate blur (that's what I was doing wrong before)
  • Use the Canon EF 70-300mm lens. Zoom out to 200 or 300mm (Make the bird fill up the camera frame to see details)
  • Continue practicing after you figure out how to make it work
    Bird Beak Duck Water bird Waterfowl
    Bird Vertebrate Canada goose Beak Water bird
    Bird Canada goose Beak Duck Water bird
I never realized how much work is involved til I wrote it down.
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