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My first AK!...has issues.

  1. Ok, it's got a few issues, but I am still super psyched to be it's new owner, especially since it was gifted to me! :wow:

    The guy who gave it to me picked it up on a bulk group of guns from an estate auction and he knows nothing about it. I pieced together from the markings that it's a Norinco NHM-90 or 56S. It looks like it was fired a good amount, but never been cleaned, so I already took care of that. Sorry I've got no pics yet b/c I have the front wood furniture off (Is apparently custom b/c it has a carved forward grip unlike the Romanian ones) to stain it to match the pistol grip. So, that is all the cosmetic issues...easy stuff to fix.

    My huge problem is that whoever had this rifle before decided, for God only knows what reason, to completely hack off the rear sight assembly. I am talking hacksaw quick job...didnt even file it down after ward...it's a mess. Again, sorry for no pics. Just picture taking a hack saw and going horizontally at the area that holds the flip up rear sight until you've chopped it off completely...yea, like creating a skylight for your piston.

    Now, I don't know a lot about AKs yet, but it seemed to me that area is connected to the receiver and is all one piece...so impossible to swap out. So, I wondered if you all had any ideas or suggestions on how to proceed with that one.
  2. I would clean it up with a dremel and add an UltiMAK gas tube and throw a Red Dot on it.
  3. I am pretty sure from your description you're looking at some major work. I take it to an AK smith sounds like you will have to replace the rear sight block, requires pressing off the front sight block, gas block. You'll need to find the proper replacement parts. Go to AK Forums or AK Files and look under services.
  4. It does have a picatinny rail on the dust cover. Could I possible put a peep or pop up sight on that? Or would that not be aligned properly?
  5. If its a quality one like the Texas Weapon Systems, Dog Leg scope rail - http://texasweaponsystems.com/ you should be good. TWS sells one one their website. The rifle will function fine without the rear site.
  6. This is what I'd do.
  7. yea, I agree that is a good option. I already have some black rifles that are 'tactical' looking. I was kind of hoping to keep this thing as 'old school' as possible, ya know?

    I like that low profile peep sight on that Texas Weapon Systems website. I don't know much about iron sights...would these line up ok or will I need to do some tinkering?
  8. Should be good to go. You will just have to zero the rifle at what ever zero you want, say 100 yards and then raise or lower the front site to zero the site.

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  9. Doesn't the Texas rail/cover require the rear sight to mount from?
  10. If the Norinco has a stamped receiver (dimples on each side of the magazine well), the front sight block IS the front receiver trunnion. Not that big of a deal for a gunsmith to replace though. Remove the rivets, entire front end comes off. Just pop out the barrel pin, pull off the front end, and replace the trunnion. Pin, rivet, done.

    If the receiver is milled (long lightening cuts on each side of the mag well), then it's game over. Would have graft (weld) a new sight base onto the front of the receiver.

    Instead of putting some tacti-crap on the Norinco, buy a Galil dust cover. They have an M16A1 style rear sight welded on the rear (some have a scope rail in addition to the M16 sight while others have G3 style sights). Usually there is only some minor fitting (filing) required on the front end to get them to fit properly on an AKM. Just remember they are a smidge higher than the AKM sight, so you'll have to adjust your front sight up too.
  11. I appreciate the ideas guys. It is a stamped receiver, so if I ever want it fixed 'right', it's good to know I can take it to a smith. But, as for right now, I am going a bit cheap with this rehab. Ha, yea, I know I have $0 in the gun right now, but I aim to keep it that way.

    Anyway, I've got an old krink style rear sight that I pulled off an old airsoft gun. Tomorrow I'm gonna drill out one of the screw holes on it and hack off the front part of it. I should then theoretically be able to affix it to the front part of the rail on my dust cover, which currently has a little metal piece on it, held in by 2 3.2mm screws.

    Ya, I know, sounds like a total hack job. But, I am actually fairly confident it will be successful. And because I am not altering any of the AKs parts, just the extra krink sight, no harm will be done.
  12. Enjoy it!!
  13. Ok, so it didnt go exactly how I planned...but I think it came out pretty decent. It gives a pretty good sight picture and I think that the height is about as close as I could hope to achieve. Still need to sand it down and paint it. You can see in the first pic here where they hacked off the original.

  14. For free! That's a great truck gun!!

  15. yea, now all I need is a truck!

    I went ahead and ordered an original chicom laminated wood hand guard b/c I was unable to get this oak one with the grip to stain dark enough to match the pistol grip. Plus, I think I have decided that I want to restore this as near to it's chicom originality as possible.

    My next step on this process I think would be to figure out how to get this welded on muzzle break off and hopefully reveal some threads. I guess this is what they call 'de-banning', idk, maybe I'm wrong on that. I wish the bayonet lug wasn't removed so I could put an underfolder bayo on this thing....oh well, I am a bit limited by the tools I have available, but I'd at least like to replace the break.
  16. I don't know anything about welding. Would it be hard to weld some sheet metal?, with vent holes? Just to keep a finger out of there... Or hoody string... If not, DIY something up from the forward lower wood?
  17. Psst.. Google Tech sights.
  18. Those pictures almost make me want to weep...the horror! Why would anyone but a complete knucklehead do that to an AK?
    Some people are just.....DUMB

    MIGHT be able to weld it up but if i were doing that i'd do it right - so you might need another trunion to cut the part you need off it.

    it's hard to tell from the photos because the folding stock is blocking the view, but i see 4 rivets so i'm guessing it's stamped not milled - The person who said you can just replace the trunion is right. But you need to drill out the rivets, remove the trunion, press out the barrel pin then the barrel itself. Then do it all in reverse with the new trunion and all hopefully without damaging the barrel or receiver.

    If you know somebody with the tools and expertise, or just learn how and borrow use of a press and rivet tool - it's possible you could make it good as new for chump change i.e. price of a front trunion and the rivets.
  19. When you're out of ammo, just pour Skittles down the hole.
  20. Yeah honestly for that rifle, if you want to go all iron sights I'd slap some Tech Sights on it. Nutnfancy did a video testing a set out on an SGL21 and seemed pretty impressed with them if you want to google that.