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My fiance just got me a gift

  1. for our 5 year anniversary. :highfive:

    She got into shooting after meeting me and has her permit. :hearts:

    Tomorrow off to do the transfer to me! :supergrin:

  2. shes a pretty cool chick if shes buying you guns
  3. You sir are a lucky man! Congrats.
  4. She is a keeper. Let's hope that she stays that way when the other ring goes on. Usually marriage is a three ring circus; Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring and SUFFER-RING.

    Good luck.:whistling:
  5. Congrats! :cool:
  6. Cool deal. :thumbsup:
  7. Thats funny I never heard that one
  8. Good deal, congrats!
  9. Sounds like you have a keeper! (not just talking about the glock)
  10. Sweet man. Now we need pics of her holding the 19C!
  11. You are one Lucky man for sure, don't let her get away.
  12. Lucky You.....
  13. I hope you were smart enough to buy her something nice too

  14. To do the transfer? Where I live, a gift is a gift, even firearms, and no transfer is necessary.
  15. Yep, she has her concealed permit, bought it under that (NICS check in her name) and now to put it in my name I need to transfer it (i.e. NICS check in my name). Good ol' CT.
  16. :rofl:

    Yeah I got her the engagement ring but gave it to here a few weeks early. :embarassed:
  17. OOF! :shocked:
  18. you got a keeper my fiancee got me a beretta 92fs for my bday:supergrin:
  19. That is really AWESOME!!!
  20. My wife has bought me the following to date:

    Russian SKS- birthday
    Ruger 1022 - birthday
    Ruger 22/45 - Christmas
    Glock 21 - anniversary
  21. Add to that the girl's a judge and can cook! A real keeper for sure!
  22. Nice girl.:supergrin:
  23. I admit I almost cried when I got it. :whistling:

    I was in the other room and when I came back to the computer desk I saw it there waiting for me. My first reaction was "Holy poop, I left my gun on the computer desk!!" Then, it was "this doesn't look like my 29?!", then I immediately thought it was a cruel joke (i.e. her getting me an airsoft copy or something).

    When I figured out it was real I had the following reactions: :shocked::faint::supergrin::faint::hearts:
  24. OP, there was a couple next to me at the range tonight shooting a 19c here in CT.........was it you? lol
  25. Nope. Come on now, do you think I'd share it the first day at the range? :tongueout: Yes of course I would. :embarassed:

    Seriously though, I hope to test her out (the 19c...not the girl...she's already been tested out a long time ago :whistling:) this weekend.
  26. good to know about the rings do exist :brickwall:
  27. Sorry to hear that. Here in MO, I buy a gun under my NICS. It is in no ones name. I just walk away with a receipt. After assuring myself that my wife is not a felon and can legally own a gun, I hand it to her s a gift. Now it is hers. In MO, that's all there is to it. It's a good state. Not saying the summers are any cooler or the winters any warmer than what you get in CT, but if you ever want affordable housing, good job market, and LONGER spring, summer and fall and SHORTER winters, move on down.
  28. Congrats !
  29. lucky guy!!!!!!!
  30. Thanks everyone. In honor of it I changed my profile/avatar pic. :supergrin:
  31. That's one awesome lady! Lucky man ye' are!