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My father was in the 7th Cav.. Korea

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And i remember him telling me, what he thought upon finding out
what company he was in..."oh great"... "Custers Company"..."what
could possibly go wrong?" LOL He is also in the first 8 minutes of the movie "Heartbreak Ridge".. being helped by two other soldiers up an incline right towards the Camera. He was wounded by shrapnel
just before this footage was taken. Silver Star and Purple Heart
recipiant. He carried a BAR and used to say.."Man, that was
heavy"! Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank All the
veterans today who have made my life better for your service!
Thank you for the freedoms i sometimes take for granted.
My Father isnt around anymore, but hes still with me in spirit.
I appreciate his sacrifices, and YOURS!

Corp. Robert B. Burns 7th Cavalry Army, Korea 1951 through 53
He was from Long Beach California is anyone knew him.
Please take to heart that many DO appreciate what you did
for us. I certainly do. Have a great year Heros!