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Originally posted by Joe D
IMO, the LWD connector is not quite as it should be yet. I have had several conversations with them. The material is still a bit too thick. Trigger pull weight is determined by the degree of angle the connector has. I won't go into the fact that Glock uses three different suppliers of trigger bars. Altering the angle will make the pull lighter, but longer. The softest connector was the old Alchemy. The trigger pull was very long.
After having done hundreds of Glock triggers I have pretty much settled on the Scherer. They are half the cost of a Glock 3.5 with a somewhat crisper pull.
If you use the search function you find where I tested all of the connectors.
My G21 has the "short tab" trigger bar. I am yet to have a light strike even using a reduced power spring with the heavy stock striker.
My competition Glocks have a 1 1/4 lb. pull.
Do not bend the trigger bar tab down. You are asking for a full auto Glock if you do.
Wow! How did you get it down to 1 1/4 lb?! :shocked:
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