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Originally posted by fastvfr
The most effective 'stopper' is vocal, not physical.

When you need the dog to stop misbehaving, say "OUGHT!!" in a loud, snappish tone.

That will get his attention and is to be used sparingly--don't get him too used to it.

For whatever reason, this will stop 99% of the doggy BS instantly. I believe it tells them they screwed up in their own language, and this is the only way I managed to train my cattle dog as well as I did.

Try it along with LT's advice. And give an OUGHT when he starts in again.

Sounds like SOMEONE needs to learn how to do a 'Long Down/Stay' to me...
I use a similar technique with our GSD's, but use ehhh insted. They get 2 "ehhh's" before a no. Negative physical corrections come with a "no" (grab skin on the back of the neck and twist}.

After a few drills, they learn going past "ehhh" is not good. Use whatever word you want, but be consistant, and I never use no without a negative physical correvtion, and the "ehhh"'s get the job done.

I have never struck an animal and would not recommend doing so, FWIW. Be the leader of the pack, and assert your dominance as a pack member would.

I do a lot of playful rough housing with the dogs, and always end the session with a "be friends" command and showing them two open palms, then pet them. This lets them know play time is over, and it is time to stop the friendly play biting.
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