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My Dog Still Bites Me

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Even after getting onto him for many months, my dog likes to nip at me. Iecan understand his herding instincts when he nips at my hells and calves [which actually tickles--he just kinda "mouths" them]. But, whenever we start playing, or if I pet him vigorously, he has a tendency to bite my hands--even after I have scolded him for it. He finally stopped biting my wife after she started wimpering like a hurt puppy everytime he did it--took about two weeks. When I tried that, he took it as a game, or as "come in for the kill now.":freak:

Any suggestions on how to stop his biting? He is about 9.5 months old now, and 80 lbs.
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You need to assert your dominance as the "leader of the pack".

Your pup should never nip you after you tell him the game is over.

It's easier when the "puppy" doesn't weigh 80 lbs ;) but if you are physically able, try picking the dog up off the ground. Keep all four feet up and hold him until he settles down.
Make sure he knows it is not a game.
If he still won't submit, wrap a hand around his throat.
Don't use much pressure at all, no need to hurt him.
This seems to impress upon Poochy just who is the boss.

It's worked on my dogs in the past.

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