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my dog spot

  1. Our new puppy. He'd been abandoned, and we adopted him from a shelter named Noah's Ark. He's in that picture somewhere. I didn't realize it was that big.........
  2. That was so cute my head exploded! :hearts:
  3. Great Pic! Hes a sweetie for sure!:hearts:
  4. That's a good lookin' puppy you got there!!

  5. Whoohoo.....another dog saved out of a shelter.:thumbsup:

    That makes me want to go buy another Glock 19 :supergrin:

    He looks like a fine puppy.
  6. super, super cute!

    we've just applied at a rescue for our third... so we're pretending to wait patiently, but i'm so excited!
  7. :hearts: What a cute pup!