My Custom G17 Grip Project

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    Feb 3, 2010
    Hey everyone:wavey:New to the forum, so I thought that I would start off with one of my projects. Hope you enjoy it

    I started the project thinking that I would use my dremel tool to do most of the work, but quickly found that it was too aggressive. I ended up removing the factory texturing by hand with a razor, and finishing it off with sandpaper.

    It took quite a few hours for me to get it to "what I felt" was an acceptable level. My thumbs and fingers were sore for a couple of days from all of the sanding.

    After the prepping, I got to work on cutting out the pieces for the inserts. There were a lot of test pieces used to figure out the proper fit for everything before the finish pieces were cut. This in itself was a time consuming process.

    I used a product from a company whose name I won't plug, because I found that they only take a pre existing 3M product (which sells for $1. at hardware stores), use some sorry excuse for a die cut pattern, market it as if they invented this revolutionary material, and sell it to you for $8. The material itself is freaking fantastic (THANK YOU 3M, for such a great product). The material has a rubberized feel, and provides excellent grip (wet or dry). The pieces on my grip do not represent what you would get from said "not named" company.

    In my opinion, the "feel" of this set-up is a vast improvement over the factory Glock texturing. This grip is very comfortable, non abrasive, and offers an improved gripability over factory texturing (wet or dry)