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My Bullmastiff's best friend GSD

  1. Blue is in doggie day care every week day. She has a new friend, a male GSD. The kennel owner says they've been inseparable for the last week. Blue and GSD.jpg
  2. I love seeing happy dogs......
  3. thanks....me too. Blue is such a sweet pup too. She's friendly to people and other dogs alike.
  4. man's best friend...indeed
  5. 2fn04k.jpg
  6. I love dogs
  7. that's awesome. You put a big smile on my face. I sent it to my wife too who loved it. :highfive:
  8. it's tough to look at them and not smile.
  9. Now there's a group of mischief if I ever saw one.
  10. Either "Snacks," or "PLAY WITH US!"
  11. Your dog has really white teeth, could be model for a dog toothpaste.
  12. she does doesn't she. She's only a pup though. Perhaps they'll "fade". We do brush them a couple times a week though.

  13. But the tongue cracks me up! How does she stuff that back in her mouth? lol

  14. Sometimes I think it's attached to an internal spring near their backside.
    Why aren't they biting their tongue all the time?
  15. I know. She can paint the Golden Gate bridge with that thing.
  16. Blue huge tongue.jpg
  17. Great Pics! Thanks for sharing, pets really do add much joy to our lives. I have to hug my Akita when I get home tonight.

  18. Wow...Akitas are one of my favorite looking dogs. I know they aren't a "sled" dog, but they have that look and I love Huskies, Samoyeds etc. I had a Malamute when I was a young lad.
  19. 2fnv7u.jpg
  20. l miss my Akita.....110 lbs of loyality