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My allergies are becoming very sensitive to our cat.

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I moved in with my girlfriend six weeks ago, and her cat is starting to really get my nasal passages agrivated. We do need a new filter for our HVAC, but what else can I do besides pump nasal spray all day?

Ionic breeze type thing? Humidifier? Shampoo the cat every once in a while? HEPA filter for the sweeper?
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No, no...your approach to this is all wrong.

This is just the ticket:

Use liberally; recoat as necessary.


Seriously, though, you might try some of the treatments and solutions offered here.

Good luck to both you and Fluffy!

Best regards,

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I have always been pretty allergic to cats and a lot of other things. My brother has a koon cat that is huge and full of long hair. I am often asked to take care of him while my brother is not home. After having bad seasonal allergies last year, I started taking Allegra-D once a day as well as Rhinacort nasal spray once a day as prescribed by my doctor. It has worked great. I can actually sit and pet and play with the cat without allergy problems. I hope you can find a solution.
I have (2) cats and at times their dander gets to me, so I get these wipes from the pet store and wipe them down to keep the dander down to a minimum. I vaccum twice a week with my Hoover Windtunnel to get it out of the carpet and ulpolstery. And when the wife is gone I chase them down and play vaaccum tag! "Just Kidding":cat:
My experience is an allergy serum in an oral or shot form may be in order.

Check with an allergist first, not just an ENT doctor. ;)

Pet the kitty for me when you are better.:supergrin:
Well I don't have to deal with that cat. See I just moved out of my girlfrieds apt. thread. My friends I live with now have two cats.
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