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My AB Layla

  1. Her's my girl..100lbs solid :nsb: 2 yrs. old
  2. One more :thumbsup:
  3. Soooooo cute! She looks like she could bite your head off, but I bet she's a sweetheart, right? Wow, my dogs are 8lbs and 14lbs. She could sit on them on kill them. lol

  4. Thank you ! & yes she's a sweetheart :hearts::hugs:
  5. total cutie

    great looking coat BTW...what do you feed her?

  6. Hi, Thanks for the kind words.Layla is on a holistic diet called "Canidae" All natural.As these dogs are prone to allergy's.Great dog food. You might have to Special order though..:thumbsup:
  7. thats what i just switched Milo too and he is loving it.... and the good thing is its at my local granary too so its convenient to buy

    thanks for the info
  8. Meaning no human table food ! :shocked: We give here ,whole carrots to chew on,all natural peanut butter for treats hidden in her bone, which drives her nuts Lol... Grapes , celery, Etc Etc...