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...I say Part I because this will (obviously - see below) have to be continued at a later date.

NOTE: Do not read this thread if loading beyond book data makes you worry. Do something else - please. Also, don't be stupid and try to copy me - you might blow yourself up, so just don't. YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN loads and ensuring your OWN SAFETY.

Finally after 3 weeks of snowing or being busy when it wasn't, I made it out to the range.

I took snowshoes and still got a workout - we have a solid 15" out there.

Here's what it looked like:

DON'T TRY THESE LOADS - Stick to book loads and work up slowly - YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN loads and ensuring your OWN SAFETY.

.40 s&w once fired Winchester brass
CCI #550 primer
800x powder
200gr. Horn. XTP
Loaded to 1.160" COAL
medium-light crimp
Small samples - 5 shot relays
G29 with 3.8" .40 s&w conversion barrel, 23# Wolff spring set.

Starting load: 5.8 grains


Average : 948
Std. Dev.:16

6.0 grains:


Average: 967
Std. Dev.: 15
Note: this load showcased very good precision (~2" @ 25y)

6.2 grains:


Average: 965
(note the median around 981 - problem with small samples)
Std. Dev: 23


6.4 grains:


Average: 1019

Std. Dev: 10


6.6 grains:


Average: 1038

Std. Dev.: 25

*STOPPED WORKUP* - WHY? Federal arms lack of case support too far beyond web.

In this next picture is an example of (1) beginning case bulge - not a fracture yet, but building - and this IS a case from this last relay shot today. Basically, I knew this barrel had some case support issues, but I couldn't get a pin in there to measure it properly - it's worse than I thought. The case is not supported quite some distance beyond the web - and this means extra pressure will eventually cause a blowout. I will have to continue the .40 s&w testing with a barrel that has full case support up to the web to get the sort of velocities I'm gunning for.

Note the case bulge on the 10mm - also due to overpressure and right about at the end of the web (KKM) So far I do not own a barrel that has what I would consider appropriate case support for this gun - but the KKM is the closest.

Here are some comparisons of the primers for those two cases in the previous picture - note the primers. The .40 s&w appears as a typical spent primer - not flat and no signs of overpressure - in fact, I do not believe it *IS* overpressure - it's above book loads for sure, but we haven't gotten there yet...this is simply a case of crap case support, not overpressure - Now the 10mm, that's a different story - that case clearly was over pressure and it was fun shooting it, but I had to stop that workup too - read below for that one.

Looking at the primers for comparison:

So since I temporarily stopped the workup on the .40, I figured I would change barrels to the KKM extended (4.45") and see what these 135 noslers would do. I figured 11.6 would be a good starting load - turns out that was a bit much (to start with). :supergrin:

Once fired Scharch brass 10mm
CCI350 primer
1.260" COAL
135 gr. nosler jhp

11.6 gr. 800x:


Average: 1621 :wow:

Std. Dev. 35

Wow - look at those flat primers! Lets keep going! :supergrin:




Average: 1654

Std. Dev.: 42

Thinking to myself: "Hey, what was that thing that just hit me in the head?"

Turns out it was a primer - three out of five brass threw primers during ejection. Obviously, overpressure. :wavey:

So, I stopped THAT workup.

Continued below...

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So since I realized I have to go and pull a few bullets and set some aside until I get a REAL .40 conversion barrel with full case support yon side of the web, I figured I would just continue to test a few rounds I had left over from the Keg's hunting load thread.

Those would be 200 gr. xtps in front of 9.8 grains of 800x using CCI350 primers in new Scharch brass 1.260" COAL

As you may or may not recall, the first two of the 10 shot relay got put into my chrono the first time I used the chrono - because I did not have it set up quite right (POA was too low through the screens). I got it repaired, tested and sent back and then cut 3" off my chrono table at the range and rebuilt it so POA would be back up where it should be.

So (remember, this is a 200 gr. xtp flying out of a 4.45" barrel mounted in a G29):


Average: 1312
Std. Dev.: 14

(shoots a tad to the left, elevation good)

Blew 3 primers - I know for a fact this load is over pressure, because right around 9.2-9.4 gr. is right about AT 37.5k psi (assumption: pressure directly proportional with velocity - and that seems to be the case looking at McNett's figures in the sticky powder threads).


That was it in terms of shooting today. I have to pull some bullets soon.

I have to say shooting those 135 noslers was really fun - they don't recoil much, but you can tell there is a lot of power driving them. 1650 fps average - wow.

I will have to take a break from working up that .40 s&w, but I will be back once I get a barrel with more support. The barrel I have now is fine for shooting anything on the market, but it's not worthy of taking the 200xtp where I wanna go with it. I think I will contact barsto.

Here's a cutaway photo of the .40 s&w and the 10mm side by side. As it turns out, these are the same cases as in the photos above. Have a good look at each of their features. Can you tell why the .40 s&w will take more actual pressure than the 10mm?

I'll leave you this time with two other photos to have a look at:

You know you are shooting some serious hard-core loads when you see this upon inspection and cleaning after you're done shooting:

After I was done shooting today on the range, I had a nice pathway stampled down with my snowshoes (sorry - only had the cell phone with me and my phone is a cheap one):

Have a nice day! :wavey:

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Crazy stuff, man.

What brand is your current .40s&w conversion barrel? Federal arms? If so, I don't think I've heard much about them. I have a Lone Wolf .40s&w conversion barrel and it has pretty decent support in the chamber but I wouldn't use it to push as far as you're trying to.

I do think BarSto has the tightest chambers, from what I've heard.

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I had the Win LPP fly out of my 10mm loads above 12.0 gr of 800x with the nosler 135's I now use 13 gr of 800 x and Tula LP Mag primers, just right for this load, never even raised up out of the fired case, going 1600+ fps From what i found, Wolf and Tula are the exact same product.

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Thanks for sharing and keep up the work. I am very interested.

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Thanks guys!
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