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Spending more and more time here, of late, I've started noticing my profile-completion "status." Gosh, if an introduction will nail 13 percent, I'll do it.

I'm 58 years old, tall, bald, and ugly. I work in information technology; retired in 2010 from the Army Reserve (after 28 years, two tours in Iraq, and various other highlights); I've been shooting, hunting, and reloading for half a century; I love Black Labs (pretty much all animals, really, but I just dearly love dogs); I believe in God, America, and consequences. I reckon that covers it.

You folks have been very helpful to me. I purchased my G41 through the Blue Label Program not long after they came out and have really enjoyed it. I added the largest beavertail backstrap, a Skimmer trigger, a tungsten guide-rod assembly, a Vickers extended slide release, an extended magazine release from Vickers, a "Trapezoid Grip" slide lock from Brass Stacker, an NP3-plated 4.5-pound "minus" connector from Overwatch Precision, rubber Talon Grips, and Vickers baseplates on my magazines. I did my own triggerguard undercut, contoured the trigger safety to the trigger, and smoothed every edge of the trigger and trigger guard. I've got a CMR-203 from Crimson Trace on the rail, too. All in all, I'm *VERY* happy with my first Glock, now. I love the Meprolight night sights that came on the gun (it was great, being able to "build" my gun on the BLP order sheet) and, with the changes I've made to personalize how it feels, I just enjoy everything about it more than I ever thought possible. Oh, I got one of the G41 replacement barrels from Lone Wolf when they offered a pre-order for them, too. The pistol fits nicely into the Dara OWB I bought.

I sure enjoy the help and support I've gotten from this site. I took my fiance' to Shooter's World in Phoenix, AZ, recently, on the advice of many folks here. From that trip, and one to Glockmeister, it's clear... she's a G19 kind of gal. :winkie:
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