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muzzle loading

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by mrwiggins, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. mrwiggins

    mrwiggins lookout ladies

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    May 31, 2004
    well fellas. i got a mozzle loader for christmas. i have a TC omega and i'm getting a feel for it. probably going to go shoot tomorow but i have some questions. what kinda stuff do i need. i'm curious about scopes and mounts (i'm thinking a single power scope, or maybe a red dot type thing.)where can i get my powder/pelletes ( i think i'm going with pellets, but i want to know where to get both.)ammo, primers, any little tidbit of information would help me. Thanks fellas, and please, hummor a muzzle loading newibe.
  2. TScottW99

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    Jul 15, 2002
    Roanoke, VA
    Don't know about where you live but here Wal-Mart has all their muzzloading products on clearance. 777 FFG for $15 (usally $28) is a good deal. It's the powder I use. I don't care much for pellets but have friends that love them. To each their own I guess ;)

    They also have bullets on clearance. My gun likes the T/C Shockwave 300 grain over 80 grains of 777. 3/4" groups at 100 yards. Hornady, Knight and PR Bullets all make a good bullet. Trick is finding the one your gun likes.

    You will need a muzzleloading cleaning kit. Very important to keep that baby clean. Even though 777 and Pyrodex are not as corrosive as Black Powder it is still corrosive.

    I live by Thompson Center #13 as a cleaning product for my muzzleloader. I also use it at the range for a spit patch when shooting. (barely wetting a patch and running it through the bore between shots followed by several dry patches)

    As to scope, depends on your shots. I have a 3-9 on mine and I'm good up to 150 yards with my load and gun. If you have all close shots then the red dot or a fixed power might be your best bet.

    Primers I use Winchester #209. They have worked well for me. You will also need a capper (used to cap the nipple with your primer) and some speed loaders.

    proably alot more but my mind is too tired. ;f Congrat's on the new toy.

  3. RWBlue


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    Jan 24, 2004
    Generally you will get better results (but slower reloads) with loose powder. The reason is the inconsistent breaking of the pellets. Both can be accurate enough for hunting.

    I use Pyro in my encore and black in my traditional guns. Pyro didn’t work well the traditional guns and black didn’t work well in the encore.

    Bullets, Thompson sabboted bullets. Work well, so well that I didn’t try anything (besides muzzi balls which sucked, but coated the inside with lube).

    Two theories on muzzleloader cleaning;
    1. Treat it like a modern rifle. Use oil, use commercial cleaning products
    2. Think of it like a cast iron frying pan. It needs to be coated, use bore butter, shoot some muzzyballs through it, clean with warm (not hot, not cold) water. You can also use moose milk to clean the gun.

    Scopes, I use a 3-12, 4-16 on my rifles (with a few higher power exceptions). I have a 4x and red dot that I use on my SBR. I have a red dot on my crossbow. I reccomend no scope, or a standard 3-12.
  4. noway


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    Dec 14, 2000
    Davie "Cowboy" , FL
    I agreed loose powder is way better and I think you get more control over any pellet combo.

    Walmart is the best place tobe after archery and mzl'er season. You can get bullets for as low as 1.54 and arrows shafts as little $2.00 and some change ;)