Muzzle devices we machine

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    Dec 10, 2009
    These are some of the muzzle devices we make.
    The Twisted FH , HF MCD and HF 4X4 can be shot without hearing protection while hunting, while at the range protection is recommended.
    The 12 port T-MCD is loud and not recommended for use without hearing protection.
    The Twisted flash is to disperse the flash, it is no louder than a A2, Panther or target crown $49
    The HF MCD and 4X4 have 4 ports, 1 chamber to control the muzzle movement, it also has 4 slots with an open front to disperse flash, they are slighly louder than a flash hider due to the ports but usable without protection. $49
    The 12 port is for maximum muzzle control and recoil reduction, has 12 tunable ports and 3 chambers, not recommended without hearing protection. $69

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