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  2. Welcome to the club. The G30 is the most surprising handgun I have ever owned. I liked my first one so much, I bought a second a few weeks later. Surprisingly accurate out-of-the-box, less recoil than any other .45 I have ever fired, 10 + 1, and compact. Alas, my two are no longer with me, but someday they may find their way back home again.
  3. pokey ,
    How bout we all send you some money so you can aquire this 30 to go with your new holster ? Congrats and enjoy !

  4. Dude, I carry my G30, IWB shirt tucked everyday, and nothing feels better then slowly running your hand over . . . . . . . . . .

    well, you get the picture. ;f ;f ;f
  5. Dude Alex, we gotta talk man. Your really begging to frighten me.
  6. ;f ;f ;f
  7. Now don't drool on the keyboard but..


    Yes, that's a Comp-Tac "Undercover" IWB holster ya see with it, my "primary" carry rig... ;f



    PS: The monkey in my avatar is holding a G30 also!! ;a