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Murtha, dead.

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  2. I have nothing nice to say about the guy.
  3. For coming from such a great military heritage and also being a veteran himself he sure was critical of the military. RIP regardless.
  4. Wonder if the soldiers fighting in Iraq and have fought in Iraq are in mourning? This piece of trash was the one that said that they were a failure. Also, the Marines at Haditha that he said massacred innocent people, think they are sad? Too bad he lasted as long as he did.
  5. His immediate family might be feeling the loss.
  6. i wouldn't wanna speak ill of the dead... but here we go!

    after watching that video of his "The opinion of the speaker is not subject to question", our system of government is probably rejoicing right now
  7. He fought and bled for my country. Later, he fought for what he thought was right. I rarely agreed with him politically, but I respected the man he was.

    Rest now Marine. :usmc:
  8. Same class of Marine as Lee Harvey Oswald. Worthless POS.
  9. Exactly. Good riddance.
  10. look at all this hate coming from the right wingers
  11. Murtha earned it.
  12. No doubt the most mature and appropriate comment that will show up in this thread. Echoes my sentiments as well.
  13. a former Marine, turning on present day Marines.......

    I have nothing nice to say, so I'll say nothing.

  14. All of the disdain for Murtha exhibited here doesn't hold a candle to your personal hatred of Sarah Palin.
  15. good luck putting together that Honor Guard
  16. A bunch of company presidents in his district are getting ready to commit harikari
  17. Yup. That's typical liberal hypocrisy in action. It is becoming widespread around here.
  18. Well............. Bye!
  19. The man was a decorated war hero. After that... who knows what happened to him.

    Sorry to speak ill of the dead, but as a congressman he was a POS. The king of pork, disrepectful of those serving in the military, and a poster boy for what is wrong with our "career political class."

    Nice try, FLIPPER, but there's no making excuses for this guy. No hate here, just the truth. Sorry if you can't handle it.
  20. The man that fought for our country, became a hurtful, hateful old man.
    He is now in a very warm place, for what he tried to do to the honor and dignity of our fighting men and women.

    I sincerely hope that the Marines that he defamed can now rest, knowing that they have done what is right for our country.

  21. I thought that this thread was about Murtha? And now we're slinging
    personal accusations and Sarah Palin got thrown into the soup.

    Only in GNG..........:popcorn:
  22. Just considering the source of the post and noting the hypocrisy. You got a problem with that?
  23. I'll round up some Army buddies for a 21 finger salute.
  24. mama says if you have nothing nice to say..............
  25. RIP...now lets hope his PA district picks a "good" replacement.
  26. Okay he's dead. Now what? Does the governor choose his replacement or does the state hold a special election?
  27. Simply mentioning her insults the memory of Sen. Murtha, so your post succeeded. HH
  28. Ba-bye...

  29. Somewhere along the path he lost his way...Obsama has mastered the Jedi mind trick me thinks!
  30. earned it in spades.

    I could never figure out why he was so bitter towards the military...

    I feel for his family. EVERYBODY is loved by somebody, but I think we are better off without him voting in Congress.
  31. Odd huh? I guess you and your left wing comrades thought you had a monopoly on having ill feelings towards those with whom a person disagrees with. Get used to it.
  32. His district voted for McCain in the Presidential election and at the same time sent him back to Congress. That tells you how politically aware the folks in his district are.....
  33. Yep. He was a piece of work. He was able to fool his district for over 30 years though....... Money talks....B.S. walks......
  34. Rest In Peace, Murtha.

  35. Seems that Murtha has his fans even at Glocktalk.

    All three of them.
  36. Sadly, it wasn't Obama. He was gone before the young boy was even considered for presidente.

    I'm sorry for his family.
  37. Some men best serve their country by shedding their blood on the battlefield to protect the principles and ideals of this nation, and helping others in need to realize those same freedoms.

    Some men best serve their country by passing away after a long series of betrayals, smears, half-truths and feeding at the public trough, filled daily by the hard work of others.

    I'd say that Murtha broke even. May God give comfort to his family at this difficult time. And may God extend that same comfort to all those who Murtha stabbed in the back as he clawed his way to the top.
  38. Never heard of him.
  39. Good Riddence to bad rubbish. He can smoke a turd in Hell.

    Pineapple or coconut?
  40. As a Marine.... +1
  41. Hmm...best thing I can say - no comment.
  42. He always struck me as a guy who could prolly drope a NUKE in the bathroom.

  43. No matter what left wing ******bag is brought up you'll always find a few on GT that will praise him/her.
  44. Huh,

    Kennedy, 30" of snow in DC, Murtha.

    Kind of gets you thinking.
  45. I didn't agree with his position on Iraq/Afghanistan in the last few years, but he served with honor and his military record reflects that.

    I'm in no way a democrat, but I'm disappointed some posts can't get beyond his most recent service in Congress.

    Show up with at 21-finger salute at a Veteran's funeral Nevermore1701 and see how far you get.
  46. A preposterous lie is the best you got? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  47. With Yasser and Saddam.

    Roast In Peace.