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Murdered Officer, Pennsylvania, not guilty

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Um. Wow. Refuse order to drop rifle after domestic disturbance, kill Police Officer, claim self defense, get acquitted.
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This is a case of what happens when you have a good defense lawyer and a so-so Prosecuting Attorney.
Really running through the woods with a rifle after you hear your girlfriend call the cops any reasonable person would think the person telling you to drop your gun was the police.
Sad to say that is the county I grew up in.
You beat me to this. In voir dire and through the trial, the prosecution needs to harp on the definition of "reasonable doubt" and "beyond a reasonable doubt" and give definitive examples. I just can't see how a jury made such a poor decision after it had been made known to them that the bad guy, after acting in a way law enforcement was or would be called on him - especially by his wife who did call, shot and killed a person clearly acting like an officer who was trying to detain him for their criminal conduct.

This P.O.S. won the lottery, and I only hope his conscience eats him alive.
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