Multi-day winter hike/snowshoeing?

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    Feb 4, 2002
    Some friends and I are planning on a four or five day hike this winter. I do lots of hiking during the summer and lots of day hiking during the winter. Now we want to try something with more of a challange. We are looking at either going with a wet weather coastal trails type hike or a high altitude above the snowline expedition type of outing.

    What are some products and equipment you can recommend? We have the clothing thing worked out. We are looking at the Gore Tex covers for down sleeping bags. We are not going to try anything technical at this time; just want to walk in/walk out.

    Some things we are looking at.
    1. Stoves and fuel. We plan to take extra fuel and a spare stove.
    2. Quick fixing hot meals. Recipes?
    3. If we take the mountain route we will need snow shoes. What experience do have with these?

    Thank you.

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