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Muffed Firefox Update

  1. When I got a notice to update Firefox I did so. The problem was I was in my user account and not in the Administrative account. Now everytime I start the user account I get a pop up that says:
    "Software Update Failed one or more files could not be updated.Please make sure all other applications are closed and that you have permission to modify files, and then restart FF to try again."
    If I click the X in the top right corner FF loads fine. There is nothing in the "Download" folder." Any help would be welcome, Thanks.
  2. be sure you turn off that stupid "user account control"....

    ive got several programs on my PC that when i update there is a "failure" because of that program running...i wish there was a way to permanantly delete it from the system
  3. download the newest edition of firefox and install it over the old one. That should correct the issue.
  4. Thats all you gotta do, Firefox screws up sometimes and its a pain in butt.
  5. Wunnerful. Just wunnerful!!

    I downloaded Firefox just this afternoon!!
  6. Dont worry its a great browser just has bugs once in awhile. Sometimes it crashes on me but never as bad as what he had happen.