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MT Halo 3, For Sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by pck50, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. pck50


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    Oct 22, 2003
    Microtech Halo 3 , Black Plain Tanto < Non Serrated>
    BRAND NEW IN BOX, with Original Combat Kydex Sheath, and Thong on it.
    All included paperwork and unfilled guarantee Card.

    Truly A Beauty, especially at only $325.00 shipping icluded Price Lowered to $300.00 shipping Included

    Also have a MT DA Socom Black Plain Non Serrated Plade Tanto point
    Completely With all accessories and paperwork as well as original sheath Brand New In Box and outer slide over cover on jewel style box.
    Asking only $325.00 Shipping included. Lowered to $300.00 Shipping Included

    Microtech Socom Elite Auto, Stone wash Blade, spearpoint. Plain BRAND NEW $200.00 shipping Included
    _____________________________________________Lowered to $195 . shipping included_______________________

    Also Have A MT LCC Lightfoot DA As well Stone wash plain spear point blade, BRAND NEW and complete with everything that it comes with
    asking only $225.00 shipping included. SOLD
    _________________________________________________SOLD ___________________
    MT Mini UDT Bead Blast blade completely with all accessories Brand New In Box and aslo with sheath, paperwork, and so on.
    Asking Price $90.00 Shipping Included. Lowered to $75.00 Shipping Included


    GT Knives Police Model Serrated or Plain Tanto Point $145.00 Shipping included Brand New

    Also Have S&W, CRKT, SOG Non Auto, Manual folders as well.
    Inquire within.


    Please do check your local state laws before ordering.